Meet-Up in Two Weeks


Thing One
So let’s do another meet-up. Come to the WesterForum and ask me all the questions you want. Here’s the temporal data:

For USians, it will be Saturday, April 9 at 8PM Eastern Time, 7PM Central, and 5PM Pacific.

For you here in Australia, it will be 10AM Sunday (April 10) on the east coast, 7AM on the west coast, and 9:30AM in Adelaide, because by halfsies how you SA folks roll.

In London . . . ? I don’t even know anymore. Do you GMTers change your time soon? I think it’ll be 10 or 11PM Saturday night, April 9. (The US has already changed time for spring, and Australia will change in the other direction for autumn on April 3. Confusion!)

Welcome to my life. All I do is sit around and try to figure out what time it is in other places, like when I had this conference call with a bunch of people in LA last week. But you can ask about that at the meet-up! (Bwah-hah-hah!)

Thing Two
Sydneysiders, don’t forget about the great Zombies Versus Unicorns Debate next Thursday.

Thing Three
How about some fan art? Because it’s FRIDAY almost everywhere!

First a Lego Stormwalker from GizzmoHammer!


And from the side:


Lots of details from the book in this model. In fact, the back has tiny steam pressure gauges!


I do like me some Lego. And it’s great how builders have to improvise, because there’s no official Leviathan(TM) Lego kit yet. (HINT!)

For a change of pace, check out McL-Jessie’s Deviant Art gallery, which has lots of Leviathan fan art and general steampunkery. Here are a couple:

This one imagines Deryn and Alek in Japan:


And here’s Dr. Barlow wearing a cool expression, plus Tazza and egg!


Now I realize that you a lot of you guys have sent me many other pieces of fan art lately. But, alas, it’s all over my disorganized desktop. If you want to send it again, I WILL NOT LOSE IT THIS TIME, and we can do another Fan Art Friday soon.

Of course, next Friday is the first of the month, so it isn’t Fan Art Friday, it’s KEITH ART FRIDAY, with actual art from Goliath! And next art reveal is perhaps A BIT SPOILERY, but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway.

So, yeah, there’s that.

33 thoughts on “Meet-Up in Two Weeks

  1. Why does everything have to be on April 9th? I’m taking the ACT that day and am missing all of the coolest stuff. πŸ™
    Anyway, now that my little complaint is out, I loved the fanart! Its great and I’m jealous! The Legos are especially cool.

  2. >perhaps A BIT SPOILERY

    me gusta.

    SO EXCITED GY90ERYGIKE[HE (i may of danced in my chair a little)

  3. Well done on the Lego Stormwalker, i relay want to try and make one. i really am interested in the little word hint. dose that mean one of my Lego fantasies may come true?

  4. FAWESOME!!!!!! Can’t wait!

    I was wondering for the book project that I’m doing on Midnighters what the exact date(or as close) is for the beginning of the first book? I’m doing a journal from Jessica’s point of view and I need the dates for the entries.
    Bookworm 1000

  5. Yay spoilery-stuff and artwork!

    That is so awesome! (The Lego creation of the Stormwalker) I still play with my Harry Potter Legos and my mother tends to give me a weird look when I make noises for the characters and the Hogwarts train… maybe because I’m nineteen going on twenty… πŸ˜€

    I never noticed, until now, there is a smiley face at the bottom of your page. I don’t know why but when I read the “…so it isnÒ€ℒt Fan Art Friday, itÒ€ℒs KEITH ART FRIDAY, with actual art from Goliath!…” I couldn’t help but hear a jingle and a bunch of kids screaming in the background.

  6. Omg! I’m so excited for next Friday! Ahhhhh! Btw, a leviathan Lego series thing would totally rock!

    Loved da fanart! πŸ™‚

  7. Such nice fan art westerlies!! I’m so excited for the meet up… I won’t miss it this time. And keith art friday??? I’m turning inside out from the excitement!!

  8. I was the one who told McL-Jessie about how you saw her artwork. she flipped out XD

    you know i was playing Pokemon Black and i found a pokemon that looks uncannily like Deryn. Here’s a link to an image of it. look at the female version (sorry about the bad quality it was so hard to find a decent picture of it -_-)

  9. Awesome fanart!
    And Leviathan LEGO!?!?!? Ahhhh! All my dreams come true!!!!!
    Leviathan Lego would be soooooo freaking amazing!!!!!
    When I did a book report on Leviathan I took my brother’s starwars lego stuff to use as props….. But REAL LEVIATHAN LEGO would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooool!!!!!!
    LEGO LEVIATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some people think I’m too old and girly for legos, BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO OLD OR GIRLY OR ANYTHING FOR LEGOS!!
    If there are Leviathan Legos, does that raise the possibility of a Leviathan Movie or TV series or graphic novel?

  10. First- i WILL be there this time, and not only for the las 30 seconds!!!
    Second- yes yes, i might pull out my thousand ton lego sets (mainly HP) if Levi turns into bricks
    Third- No, i absolutely would not mind if u spoiled a little bit with the art… not at all

  11. Ooooooooh! I love it! I just had this crazy thought, though. What if the Goliath is actually the two-headed messenger. What if that is what the study is about? I am seriously going crazy.

  12. Sorry for posting two comments, but I had to tone down my lego inspired excitement before I realized everything that was actually said in that post.
    Mcl-Jessie, your art is awesome! I love the expressions, how do you do that with fan-art????
    And now the first friday of everymonth is Keith-Goliath-Art-Friday? Yes! Goliath Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And spoilery? We don’t mind spoilery. In fact, I think we all LOVE spoilery….
    And I still wish I lived in Sydney, so I could go to the ZvU debate!!!!
    And I also wish I could go tot he forum meet-up…. but alas….. oh well.
    Totally Randomly: Has there ever been talk of a Midnighters graphic novel? I think that could be cool….

  13. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Can’t wait till friday! wh-hoo! The fan art is amazing Mcl-Jessie and I will tell you that personally on your page… *stalker*
    On a completely different topic though I’d like to bring light on two other amazing Leviantheers that I’ve met on deviant art… blackbird31 and myst47!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen their artwork and fanfics and I have to say they’re AMAZING!!! So those who have Deviant art addresses (which hopefully most of you do) I’D SUGGEST YOU GO TO THEIR GALLERIES AND CHECK OUT THEIR ART!!! *even more of a stalker*
    Anyway… can’t wait until Friday and September still seems AGES away! *bashes head on a wall*

  14. Have you seen Sucker Punch yet?

    One of the scenes, I think it was the first one, reminded me of your books SO much… one of the girls is in a Walker style contraption shooting down blimps …

    my twitter is @NobodysBacteria

  15. just wanted to sat(sorry this is off topic) but as any dedicated reader must know Borders is closing shop….. I went in for my like third time today, and as a fan I bout all of Scottsters, Cassies, Hollys, Melissas, etc etc, books I could find…. Excep my dad drew the line at a second copy of Behe…

  16. This blog always manages to cheer me up! I blew auditions(again…) and came here. Then I was like,”Oh yeah!” Cool spoilery stuff on Friday. That sounds awesome.

  17. Wooohooo!! Keith Thompson art soon!!! πŸ˜€

    It’s what makes these books amazing. If it was just the story, it would be slightly less epic.

    Joking! *dodges strafing hawks*

    I’ve done, like, 5 fanarts for this book. I think it beats Skulduggery Pleasant……

  18. It’s a loris… with a tiny umbrella!

    As the slightly less obsessed sister of a boy who’s been obsessed with LEGOs for the past 10 years or so, I can say that’s pretty impressive.

    And it’s a loris… with a tiny umbrella!

    Anyone else look past the awesomeness and notice that Alek looks a little like a creeper in that Japan picture? Still mind-blowing – there’s a loris… with a tiny umbrella! – but I can’t look at him straight! XD

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