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Before I get to Fan Art Friday, there’s a bunch of STUFF I should mention.

1) My New York Public Library event for Book Expo America has been moved to a bigger venue. If you tried to book tickets and were denied due to overflow, you can try again. Here are the deets:

NY Book Week Science Fiction/Fantasy Evening
NYPL Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at 42nd and 5th
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
6:00 – 7:45PM
Contact: Chris Shoemaker, [], 212.340.0958
Authors: MC: Gavin Grant (Small Beer Press)
Music: Brian Slattery
Lev Grossman, John Scalzi, Catherynne M. Valente, Scott Westerfeld
Sponsored by: BEA, NYPL, KGB Fantastic Fiction Series, NYRSF Reading Series
Each author will be reading for about twenty minutes, accompanied by original improvisational music courtesy of the excellent Brian Slattery. Then: Q&A.

I’ll also be at the BookRageous Bash later that night, at 8:30. Google it!

2) For those of you attending actual BEA, I’ll be signing at 1PM on Wednesday, May 25. This is a ticketed signing, so check out this schedule of all the authors, which also explains how to get tickets.

3) And I have a panel on Wednesday night too!

Writing for Teens Today : Authors Speak
Join some of today’s hottest YA authors as they discuss writing for teens in today’s market. From developing authentic voices to keeping the reader hooked, from plot twists and turns to keeping the slang right, find out their tips and tricks to staying in style.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Mulberry Street Library
10 Jersey St.
New York, NY

Ally Condie – Matched
James Dashner – The Scorch Trials
Ellen Hopkins – Fallout
Maureen Johnson – The Last Little Blue Envelope
Lauren Kate – Torment
Scott Westerfeld – Behemoth

Bring your copy from home or buy a fresh edition on site and collect autographs! Fully accessible to wheelchairs. Ages 12-18. (Does this mean adults can’t come? I doubt it, but maybe we’re only signing for teens. Who knows?)

There are many other things going on around BEA, of course. Here’s a list of all the other events that are open to the public.

See you at BEA.

25 thoughts on “Book Week Events

  1. *First comment dance* Maybe. XD
    Dude. Why dont you ever come to somewhere I can go? Like….Oregon.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, cool as panel!!! Wish I could go!
    Hmmm, any chande of it being filmed so people stuck in other parts of the world can share in the insights?

  3. awwwwwww!!!! I wanna go…but I’m in another state…no NY for me =(
    If anyone else who’s going reads this “Have Fun~!”

  4. And why don’t you come to Norway, of all four million people here there must be at least twenty Leviathen-fans.

  5. Why don’t any good authors visit Michigan? Is it because it’s an economic wasteland? Probably.

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go my parents wont let me go because its on the other side of the country. WHY DO I HAVE TO LIVE IN CALIFORNIA??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. D8 I want to go so badly! ;w; Augh stupid Virginia. I hope it goes well for you and anyone there, though ^^

  8. Scott-la: I just noticed that this came under the heading of latest news on the side of your website- the part to the right of where your posts/our comments are. The bit below all those buttons with your book serieses on them. Yeah, there. Anyway, this is what it says under the heading “latest news.”

    “New Website
    As you can see, my website has had its first makeover in many years. This is to celebrate the fact that my first new series in years, Leviathan, comes out this autumn. (October 6, to be exact.)

    Things may be wonky for a while as we play around under the hood. But I hope you enjoy the new look. Let me know what you think!”

    Here’s what I think: that is definetly not the latest news.

  9. If adults can’t come, you might be attacked by a mob of fangirls and fanguys. That would stink.

  10. Hi, Mr. Westerfeld (is that okay?), I was just wondering about something. When you decided to make Leviathan an illustrated book, did the publishing company assigned you an artist? Or did you have to find someone to work with on your own? And if you did have to find someone on your own, how or where did you find them? I ask because one day I wish to publish an illustrated book but I have no idea on how to find an artist.
    So, now on to something more related-ish. I wish you came to San Diego :/ I would LOVE to get an autograph from you. I was so damn pissed when the Comic-Con tickets sold out! You were first on my list!!! I had tons of fun listening to Rick Riordan last year, and I was anxiously waiting for Comic-Con tickets but nooo they sold out in like two hours.
    Anyway, can’t wait for Goliath, it is far too long until then! Woah, sorry for the long comment!

  11. Alas…big state, few author visits. Darn. (I’d suggest you come visit my state, but if you went to the wrong city then…well, a many hour drive would await me, and I highly doubt I could convince my parents of it. So, best stick with New York, where there is no hope…*sigh*)

    Ah well, to those who can go, I hope you have fun! Wish everyone who watched this blog could go. 😉

  12. The event sounds exciting! I’ve never been to a YA book signing before. Too bad I live in a city whose nickname rhymes with Tin Kitty… on the other side of the nation.

    Sounds like fun!

  13. Alice: I came to Michigan last October! Ann Arbor!

    Aaron: Norway would be cool. But I’ve never been asked.

    myself: You may have a point there.

    Gerardo: I am coming to Comic Con this year. Sorry you missed out on tix!
    But I THINK I’ll be in San Diego in September, and maybe LA, Aiyana.

  14. Hi Scott, is the Wednesday night panel separate from BEA (as in, do I need to get into BEA to get to the panel?)

    Anyway, very cool 🙂

  15. WHY DIDN’T I HEAR ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!! ANN ARBOR!! *flips a table* frustration to the max T-T

  16. @Scott
    Would be a waste. I am the only one I know about that has actually read the book. (Sometimes I hate living in a very, very small country)
    (Not to be rude, but my name is only spelled with one A)

  17. I would love to go, and was about to ask my maman (“Mooooooom, do you wanna take me to New York so I can see Scott Westerfeeeeeld?”) to take me when I realized that I’m graduating on May 25th.
    *grumbles* stupid school, making me graduate *grumblegrumble*

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