June Art Reveal

Here is the Goliath art reveal for June, based on your voting!

I was going to wait until 300 votes had come in, but by vote number 222 one of the illustrations had achieved an unassailable lead! Here’s what I mean:

Illustration One: 125 votes
Illustration Two: 17 votes
Illustration Three: 29 votes

With 78 votes left to be counted, even if Illustration three got all of them, number one was still going to win. SO I STOPPED COUNTING, which I’m sure would be cool with the Supreme Court, who are all, like, whatever about this stuff.

So here we have it, Illustration One!

Click the image for a bigger, zoomable version.

Now, some of you may have noticed that it is time for Fan Art Fortnightly, but I have cleverly stomped on it with this art reveal. Why? Is it because I hate fan art?

NO. I LOVES ME SOME FAN ART. But I had foolishly promised to do a Fan Fic Fan Art Fortnightly (AKA FFFAF) and it’s been impossible to choose from among the bajillion weird and wonderful fan fics out there. So why don’t you guys help me out?

Use this comment thread to suggest to each other any awesome fan fictions you’ve found, from any of my books.

And in a week or two I’ll put up some more drawings, because that’s easier.

New Update

Leviathan just sold in Japan! So we’ll be seeing the Japanese version in a year or so. Cool, huh?

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