Art Reveal Democracy

It’s June 1, time for another art reveal! And it’s time to decide which of the fifty-something pieces of art in Goliath should be unveiled next. Which will have the perfect mix of mystery and appetite-whetting spoileriness?

It is up to you, the readers, to decide . . .

Will it be the enigmatic interior of illustration Number 1?

The extreme high angle of image Number 2?

Or the threatening weather vista of Number 3?

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And don’t just vote. Debate! Squabble! Cajole! Enjoin others to your cause!

And enjoy.

Also check out this fanmade countdown timer to the Goliath release! (Man, that’s a long time from now.)


The splendid librarians of Seattle have launched Steampunk Summer, which means they’ve hidden copies of both Leviathan and Cherie Priest’s awesome Boneshaker in s3krit locations around the city. If you live in Seattle, check out the comments thread here for clues on how to find them!

Then read the book, initial the back, and pass it to a friend or re-hide it.

Then go back to the Steampunk Summer comments thread and leave clues where you hid the book (and where you found it, what you thought of it, etc.).

Then claim a free book at the Library as your prize!

This sounds like fun.

Update 2!

As usual, you have all voted early and often. I will close the balloting at 300, and then the art shall be revealed!

290 thoughts on “Art Reveal Democracy

  1. I say #1! Hope this one wins! (I haven’t read the comments yet…yay…in the top 300 πŸ™‚

  2. #1
    I’m picking this one because there is a person off to the side, meaning that the character is interacting with something/someone. So there is more tension and the focus isn’t on an object.

  3. I bet there is something really awesome going on behind the blackout on #3, so that’s my vote

  4. #1 obviously has Deryn, doing something or other; #2 has a firefight from a cool angle; #3 has another beautifully done cloudscape by Mr. Keith Thompson. A challenging decision, no doubt.

    I think #1, but I like action, and I like storms.

  5. TWO OR THREE. I can’t decide! I want to see some action! Two looks super cool – like the leviathan is in a battle and three just looks gorgeous! I guess my vote goes to #2. I want to know what’s going on in that picture! But one has so many votes already… πŸ™

  6. Numero uno! Nummer einer! La premiΓ¨re! ??????? ????! ?1! Aantal! NΓΉmero um! ????! umm. NUMBER ONE! πŸ˜€

  7. Update to my last comment: Is that the Hasburg Crest on the left of the gray box on the ship thingy in number 2?

  8. What is with the strange facscination with #1? I vote #2, but I’m also really interested in #3.

  9. NUMBER 1! Its the most interesting.
    But thats just cause im a sucker for details. Plus there arnt enough interior pictures to begin with.

  10. Number 3! It looks to have the most blocked out so it might be more interesting to see.

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