Uglies Movie Press Release

Project Signals Premier Visual Effects Company Move Into Film Production
LOS ANGELES (JULY 24, 2011) – Producer John Davis and the founders of Lola Visual Effects (Lola VFX) will team to finance, develop and produce a theatrical, live action feature based on Scott Westerfeld’s New York Times best-selling “Uglies,” the first of his futuristic trilogy first published in 2005.
The filmmakers have also acquired Westerfeld’s PRETTIES and SPECIALS, the remaining trilogy installments published by Simon Pulse, a Simon & Schuster company, with total sales of over 3 million copies. Jacob Forman (“All The Boys Love Mandy Lane”) will write the screenplay.
UGLIES will be produced by John Davis (“Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” “I, Robot”) and Jordan Davis (“Jump In”), along with Colin and Greg Strause via their Hydraulx Entertainment banner. Lola’s Edson Williams and Thomas Nittmann will executive produce along with Adam Schroeder
Lola is the groundbreaking visual effects company paving the way for an entirely new level of story-telling, most recently transforming Chris Evans into the 90-pound weakling Steve Rogers for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. The company was founded by Colin and Greg Strause, Edson Williams, and Thomas Nittmann.
Set in an Orwellian future in which teens undergo surgery on their sixteenth birthdays to become supermodel “pretty,” UGLIES is the story of Tally Youngblood, one such “ugly” teen who is forced by authorities to forgo her transformation until she infiltrates The Smoke, a community of rebels who choose to retain their appearance and live outside of normal society. Tally soon discovers appearance isn’t everything and her world is not all that it seems.
“’UGLIES’ is a smart, youthful, and edgy trilogy peopled by sophisticated characters who have to navigate through a dangerous but fascinating world,” stated John Davis. “We are at this time in the development of cinema magic where we have the proper technology to fully realize Scott’s vision for the screen.”
In addition to CAPTAIN AMERICA, Lola is the company behind Brad Pitt’s youthification in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and flawless twining of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in THE SOCIAL NETWORK.  With this technology and expertise, Lola will handle the dramatic transformation of characters into the “pretty” versions of themselves while Hydraulx will create the futuristic world of UGLIES, an exquisite yet eerie dystopian future.
Stated Greg Strause: “With UGLIES, Scott created a visually stunning world that capitalizes on the strengths of both Lola and Hydraulx.  Our partnership demonstrates the expanding possibilities of enhancing creative storytelling with innovative visual effects.”
Hydraulx is an award-winning visual effects facility with work including 300, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 2012, BATTLE LOS ANGELES, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES, and AVATAR, the latter two films in 3D.  Founded by Colin and Greg Strause, the company leverages the Brothers’ extensive filmmaking experience to provide a comprehensive and unparalleled photographic and photorealistic approach to visual effects.
Chairman of Los Angeles-based Davis Entertainment, John Davis has been a producer on more than 80 feature films and movies for television that have earned more than $4 billion worldwide.
Davis’s three divisions–-feature film, independent film, and television-–develop and produce film and television projects for the major studios, independent distributors, networks and cable broadcasters. The Company, established in 1986, has enjoyed a long-standing first-look production deal at 20th Century Fox, though also  produces projects for all studios and mini-majors.

Some of Davis’s films include the Jim Carrey starring “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,”  “Gulliver’s Travels” starring Jack Black; the hit sci-fi thriller “I, Robot” starring Will Smith; “Norbit,” starring Eddie Murphy (in their fourth film together) for DreamWorks/Paramount; “Garfield,” which earned $200 million at the worldwide box office, for Fox; the $100 million-plus hit Eddie Murphy comedy “Daddy Day Care;” the blockbuster “The Firm,” starring Tom Cruise; “Courage Under Fire,” starring Denzel Washington; “Waterworld,” starring Kevin Costner; “Predator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; the two hugely successful “Dr. Dolittle” films, starring Eddie Murphy; the Jack Lemmon/Walter Matthau trilogy “Out to Sea,” “Grumpy Old Men,” and “Grumpier Old Men;” “Alien vs. Predator,” an action thriller combining the two classic creatures, and its sequel “AVP2,” for Fox, among many others.

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  1. ^0^ don’t tell me there is a movie if you not know that there is one don’t just guess ok…k bye

    thanks love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guyss , were now in 2014 , we need the movie :/
    Comon ? Work on it ..
    Its been ages since u said that there will e a movie

  3. Truly sad, it’s been 3 yrs since this has been released. Please don’t tell me I’ve got to wait tell 2050! 🙁

  4. I was wondering if there were auditions for this movie and if so the dates and information. I’d love to audition for Shay.

  5. If there is going to be a movie please say you’ll hold open auditions, as so many people are in love with this series and would die for the opportunity to be involved. (Like me!)

  6. When will get a date or new news about the movie Uglies Saga? We are in 2014 ! please work in the movie !! We need it !

  7. Hello. I have been waiting to find out when the movie Uglies will come out. I really loved the book. I am totally confused…with these Bogus press Releases. I don’t watch t.v any more… or much of anything so I don’t know how to find out. Ok… Please Please Please I beg of you …Release this Movie and make a big commotion about it …so like every one will know about it.

  8. Hey everybody, you really want them to rush a potentially great film? I am glad its taking them a while personally, I read the books from 7th-10th grade and am 21 now, would love to see a new take on the books that I read in my adolescence. I would be really upset if they didn’t end up doing it, but the fan base just needs to stay positive. If a film lime Divergent could come out then I’m sure this would make a much better hit.

  9. I’ve been waiting years for this movie, I remember hearing about the uglies series at the same time I heard about the hunger games I was probably 16 years old! I had a group of friends that were team hunger games and a group that was team uglies… I chose to be on team uglies, fell in love with the series and have been waiting for the movie every since.. I’m 20 years old now and the 3rd hunger game movie is coming out! C’ Mon with it guys, I’m dying for this movie to be relaxed… It would be AMAZING ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!

  10. OMG Please start making this movie I think I might die if I have to wait any longer. Also when are auditions and where I’m dieing to try out for a small part.

  11. I was looking this up and it’s supposed to come out in 2016. I cannot wait to see it on the big screen, It’s going to be so bubbly!

  12. I was really hoping that Uglies would be out by 2015 to celebrate 10 years since the book came out. I’m assuming it’s not happening and that saddens me. 🙁

  13. I read this and was so incredibly excited. Then I did a double take. July 25, 2011? Seriously? It needs to be made. I can’t even find an official trailer, and it’s been 5 YEARS. Please actually work on it, I think it would be great.

  14. Please, please, please make this into a movie!!! I have been waiting years for this and I’m barely holding on to s small string of hope. I don’t want to wait forty years for it to come out!!!!!!

  15. I’m 40 and I just read this series because my niece did. I didn’t know it was written so long ago. This would be a really fun movie series with a great philosophical message on many levels. Strong female characters and ethical dilemmas. People are still reading because they were on hold at the library when I tried to get them. Great timing right now in 2017. Seems like you guys need to just kind of do this thing already. No more books needed to the trilogy. Let’s not wait til my 5 year old daughter is a teenager.

  16. Ok, ok. When will we have this movie? It’s mid 2017, we need this movie guys!!!! Please work on it!!!!

  17. Its August 2017. We have waited and waited… i suppose this movie is a permanent bust. It would’ve even been okay to pull an Inkheart at this point….

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