Greek to Me

I’m interrupting my Comic Con cavorting to bring you the Greek cover of Leviathan:

Hey, I know it’s just the original US cover with the title in Greek. But Greek looks pretty cool.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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26 thoughts on “Greek to Me

  1. It’s transliterated! I wonder if it’s called “leviathan” in the Greek version of the Bible. Probably, since the New Testament was originally written in Greek.

  2. I find with internationally published books that all foreign covers are better than the ones in the United States. I wonder if the others feel the same about us.

  3. Greek is such and awesome language, at least i think it is, considering i have no idea how to read or speak it…

  4. I love Greece! Greek mythology is the best! I can list all the gods and goddesses, plus most of their Roman counterparts! And now, just for the heck of it, I shall!

    Dionysus=? (sorry, this is the one I don’t know)

    Wow, I’m kinda a nerd…anyway, I (really really really really really) can’t wait until ‘Goliath comes out!

  5. I just converted to Greek Eastern Orthodoxy for my husband (I was Catholic so not too big of a jump). For the most part I can pronounce the capital letters of the Greek alphabet, although the B is throwing me off a little. But that is so exciting to see it written in Greek! Awesome!

    @Shelby Dionysus is Baccus in Roman

  6. Looks awesome. Love the carrot/A and the O! Wish I could see you at Comic Con. Come to Anime Boston next year would you? I know it’s anime but New England doesn’t really have any awesome cons ;_;
    Just a few days until the August art reveal! So excited! It’s also only a little over a month away!

  7. I know you will get angry at me for asking this… Do you have any updates on the Uglies movie? I am so excited for it (I have been waiting for 2 years!) and there hasn’t been any new information. Thank You!!!

  8. @Shelby: I knew how to do that as well, then I learned the nordic gods and godesses as well and I started mixing Greek and Roman. (Roman mythology is anyway just “stolen” from Greek mythology)

  9. Man that cover is sweet!
    And I’m am like 15 minutes away from you right now and have no way to get in to comic con *sigh *Oh well I’m going next year so life is still good 🙂

  10. Haha, it’s only Leviathan but spelled with Greek letters. The “carrot” is just the capital of Lamtha (Americanized version Lambda), the Greek letter for L, the B is the capital of Veeta (Americanized version Beta), the Greek letter for V, and the letter that looks like an O with a line in the middle is Theta, the Greek letter that makes the “th” sound as in thatch, or thumb (There is no equivalent letter in the English alphabet- we have to put two letters together to make that sound). Leviathan, just using Greek letters to spell it. I’m Greek if you couldn’t tell!

  11. Shelby, you should read the Percy Jackson series about Greek mythology and the follow-up series The Heroes of Olympus about the Roman counterparts. It’s another great series! Ignore the movie, it’s a piece of trash.

  12. I was on vacation in Athens this past week and saw lots of your books in the bookstores I visited, including the Greek copy of Leviathan. Clearly, Greeks have good taste!

  13. OOOO yay Greek!!!! One of my friends would FLIP if she saw this…. but I haven’t gotten her to read Leviathan yet….

  14. I can read greek letters. Like a boss. Hm, maybe I’ll use the Greekyfied version to learn Greek…?



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