Fan Art Friday Fortnightly on Saturday

Okay, it’s time for FAN ART FRIDAY.

Technically it is a bit past time for FAF, because it’s Saturday and everything. Apologies, but Leaky-Con was rather exhausting. There were many panels and signings and such, and then a trip to Disney World with Maureen Johnson.

I haz proof:

Ah, the fun we had in the hat shop.

Leaky-Con was really great. The Harry Potter fans, especially those at Lit Day, were just incredible. A nicer bunch of people you will never meet.

Here’s proof of that fact, in the form of a pressie that Potter-fan Maya gave me:

See? Even when they’re expressing scary sentiments, it’s all beautifully cross-stitched!

Anyway, thanks to all the volunteers and staff and organizers of Leaky-Con and Lit Day. You were all awesome. Too much fun was had.

Oh, and thanks to Cassie-la for letting me borrow her hipster wizard sign:

It’s the tree that makes it funny.

And now it’s time for Fan Art Friday! Long awaited, but never abated!

We begin with “I Wish I Were a Man,” from Awesome O’clock:

What makes this particularly cool is that it’s based on a real US propaganda poster from 1917:

Nice work, Awesome O’clock. (Or may I just call you Awesome?)

And for some more of Deryn looking soldierly, check out this piece from Delinquent Unicorn:

This picture has what you call directionality!

And now for some Deryn and Alek action, starting with this delightful sketch from Shenli, called “Wandering Hands”:

Awkward moment is awkward. It’s amazing how many people have done fan art based on that one short fencing scene.

Perhaps you would like some kissing? If so, here’s “Airmanship” by teaspoon00:

And for more kissing, how about “Engine Grease” by theprinceofparties?

Some of you may want some cool Leviathan desktops. If so, check out Art-Bandgeek’s work. Here’s an example:

But there are many more, featuring all the big characters.

Okay, so that’s all I’ve got time to post right now, but there are many more pieces of fan art ready to go. I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed. Last week was Leaky-Con, and next is the infinitely more exhausting Comic Con, and then Justine and I are headed to Hawaii for some rest before the touring season starts.

What I’ll do, however, is set up some auto-posts of Fan Art, so that you will all survive. And hopefully I’ll get up some pix of cool stuff from Comic Con, both here and on twitter, where I’m @scottwesterfeld

And of course, there will be the August 1 art reveal, which will be hosted by this month. (I’ll remind you here.)

See you at Comic Con, I hope!

I’ll be doing a video interview with while at Comic Con. If you want them to ask me a question, leave it for them right here.

40 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday Fortnightly on Saturday


    those are all awesome!!!!! I like the death eater sign πŸ˜› heheh

    have you seen the movie yet??
    I saw it on opening night and I am SOOOOO pleased.
    it was amazing

  2. Aww, the kissy one from theprinceofparties is packed with so much cuteness…gah. It’s just so adorable! I love it πŸ™‚

    Have fun at Comic Con! And Hawaii!

    Something about the above well wishes just seems so unfair πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so madly in love with Engine Grease that I had to save it and replace my AVPM background with it. In other news-

  4. I love them all πŸ™‚

    Oh, and for my birthday, my friend bought me a preorder of Goliath!! They know me well πŸ˜‰

  5. awkward moments are VERY awkward indeed. xD
    wandering hands is my favorite lol alek’s just missing his fencing armor…. o.o

  6. @Brita hahaha my friend ordered me a copy too! …BUT LIKE TWO MONTHS LATE.

    Have fun!! I’m glad you had fun in Disney!

  7. Disney World sounds awesome right now. (Too bad it’s crazy expensive.) Don’t fall into any volcanoes while you are in Hawaii. Or get eaten by any dinosaurs.

  8. Yus!!!! Finally some fanart!!!!
    And one of my arts!!! *Deryn desktop* Yayness!!!

    Thank you Scottmeister! πŸ˜€
    But, is Newkirk a big character? The glow worms definitely are….

  9. Wandering hands is my favorite… xDD

    and I saw a copy of that recruitment poster (or something like that) in one of the Smithsonians!

  10. Which park did you go to?
    And would you please tell us if you will reveal the secret word in the word cloud? Please tell us.

  11. I LOVE Engine Grease by theprinceofparties. It is seriously one of my favorites. Alek looks very happy and we need more happy Alek.
    Also I was just at Disney World 2 weeks ago for my honeymoon! Ugh, missed Scott by two weeks!
    For those of you that are adult age (without kids) I recommend Epcot. It has lots of really good.. um.. beverages. Yeah…

  12. Yes! I won’t die! Scott is always prepared. Left a question, hope you answer. Love the “wandering hands” and “engine grease” fan art. AMAZING! Cannot wait for Goliath! Its on my birthday!!!!!! Yes! πŸ™‚

  13. I love the art, especially “Wandering Hands”. I just got back from Disney World too except it was in Tokyo. Wish I could have gone to Leakycon.

  14. Wait, was Leakycon at the Leaky Cauldron? Cause there was a lot of stuff about Harry Potter fans, and being a huge Harry Potter fan, I went to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Feburary so I KNOW there is a Leaky Cauldron there.

  15. I love all the fanart, especially “Wandering Hands.”

    It was great seeing you at Leaky, Scott-la; all your panels were very fun (you should definitely post your teenage story for everyone to see πŸ˜‰ ) and The Scott Westerfeld Experience (heh, Maureen and her naming) was kind of mind-blowing (secret project is secret!). Thanks for making Leaky even more amazing!!! And I can’t wait to see your presentation at Comic Con.

  16. @Jacqui-la Leakycon was a convention held in Orlando, Florida that was hosted by the fansite The Leaky Cauldron. Part of the convention was attending the park, but most of it took place at the Royal Pacific hotel. It was basically the best experience of my life.

  17. Hi!
    Speaking of HP, anyone see the new movie yet? And among those of you that have…how many broke down at the Snape’s Memories scene?


    Awwwww, β€œEngine Grease” is so sweet/cute. *Sigh*

  19. You won’t see me at Comic Con unfortunatly because I don’t live anywhere near it….:(


    I hope you have fun! ^^

  20. πŸ™‚ I’m happy for ArtBandGeek. I accutly have one of her desktops on my computer right now. I think she is an astonding artist! Awesome job!

  21. Have you (Mr. Westerfeld) ever read The Forest Of Hands And Feet? The Unconsecrated remind me a little of peeps.

  22. TheWordMaster: I BAWLED MY HEAD OFF. Snape was always my FAV character but to see that… WAYYY to much for me.

  23. I love the fanart, especially “Wandering Hands”

    …I’m still craving some beastie arts, though. I can’t find a single decent piece of sniffer-dog fanart, and it makes me sad because they’re my favorites. Maybe I’ll just have to draw my own…

  24. BWAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!! 36TH TO COMMENT!!!!! I know everyone was totally craving this spot, but too bad, cuz I beat ya to it!

    @TheWordMaster: didn’t cry, but it was very sad…

    my fav is engine grease… awesome scene is awesome.

  25. Mr. Westerfeld, I finished “Pretties” this afternoon and I will be purchasing the rest of your novels very shortly. I’m 21 years old, but my roommates and I are all young-adult-novel enthusiasts and your series is definitely one of my favorites. I’m so excited to hear that it will be made into a film! Anyway, the whole reason I’m commenting is because I feel like you are pretty much the coolest guy ever. When I saw this particular post, my respect for you skyrocketed because, well, you’re a Harry Potter fan (and frankly Harry Potter is my life- I wasn’t at Leaky Con, but I managed to make it to Phoenix Rising a few years ago). But more than that, I love what you have done for teenage girls. Between you and Suzanne Collins, the strong female protagonist may just be able to triumph over the weak, simpering, boyfriend-obsessed, personality-less female protagonist of a certain other young adult series. Tally Youngblood is certainly a much better role-model for girls and the whole series weighs in with much better morals. But you know all this. So thank you, Mr Westerfeld, and I look forward to reading the rest of your books.

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