Fan Art Friday (now on Sunday!)

Yes, well. I’ve made it before the weekend ended. Fan Art Friday Fortnightly!

ComickerGirl has graced these pages before, but this is too funny to pass up. It shows Deryn and Alek doing some Full Metal Alchemist cosplay! Because you know Deryn would cosplay if she could, and would totally drag Alek along for laughs!

So I give you “Full Metal Darwinist”:

If you don’t know FMA, click here to see the relevant costumes. And then go read the manga and watch the anime (both of them!).

From Bridget, here are Alek and Deryn in a more clay-like form:

This is what we need, Leviathan stop-motion animation! Like Gumby, they could walk into other books and mess up the plots. Someone get on that! (And don’t forget to check out Bovril in the upper right corner.)

And now for you Uglies, from Seth, we have this painstaking rendering of New Pretty Town:

Hot-air balloons! Hovercars! Fireworks!

And from Star of Dusk, here’s a cool shot of Lilit:

I think Lilit is beloved of fan artists because she has such cool clothes. (Plus she’s awesome.) Her sleeve ties are the best. One day I’ll ask Keith where he sourced them from.

I’m pretty sure that IsabelStar has appeared on FAFF before, but this is so moody and lovely:

Click here for the bigness!

By the way, that one’s called “Austrian Princes Turning Gay.” Heh. But princes? Hmm.

Thanks to all our artists for your many efforts. If you want something included in FAFF, please send it to me, even if you’ve already sent it! (I get lots of mail and I lose track of some of it. It’s a thing I do. DON’T HATE ME.)

The next post on this blog will be ALL THE TOUR DATES. I’m very excited about seeing you guys soon (some of you *sniffs*), and about Goliath finally coming out. And I’m also excited about taking some time off after that.

What will I be doing next? Well, that’s an interesting question. There is, of course, the Uglies manga (aka the Croy Project) and the Manual of Aeronautics (aka the Leviathan Full-Color All Singing and Dancing Art Book). But there are also various secret projects which will be revealed here once they have taken some sort of publishable form.

Watch this space for revelations.

49 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (now on Sunday!)

  1. I love stop- motion animation! It would be too cool if the characters could walk into the plots of other books and wreck havok. I have actually thought of that of that beore, though.

  2. Hey great job Steve!
    Will you please tell us the missing word in the word cloud? Please!

  3. I’d like to know what in the word cloud too! And I loved the FMA Cosplay. Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite manga.

    But if I could draw people I would totally do fanart. Maybe that should be my excuse to practice…

  5. Wow, awesome FMA cosplay! Alek should’ve tried Alphonse bcuz of the suit of armor (armor=Clanker, get it?). I like the Lilit shot too very nice!

  6. Lovely art as the usual!!
    I really hope you’ll be stopping near me, Scott. I promise to wear a Leviathan tee if you do.

  7. I love Leviathan’s fan art! It’s so cool!
    And right now I’m obsessed with Leviathan, I’m looking forward to put my hands on Behemoth (it will arrive in 14 days or so… Oh, God, that’s an eternity!)

  8. I think my favorite part of the entire post is how the New Pretty Town picture is so accurate and precisely drawn, and then there’s a stick person!
    Lilit picture is soooooooo pretty!!!

  9. Good Fan Art Fortnightly, really like it, especially that last one by IsabelStar, even though Deryn kinda looks like Aaron Eckhart in it, which is a little uncanny.

    And, oh, yes, when IS The Manual of Aeronautics coming out, cuz you know I’ll gobble it up when it does!

    And about the Deryn and Alek cosplay; like it, but give me Deryn and Alek Sherlock Holmes cosplay. Alek can be Dr. Watson and Deryn can be the genius, prolific and surreptitious detective himself! And you may think “why not Alek as Holmes; after all, they both have dark hair.” Well, the answer is simple: Deryn could just play Holmes more easily, whereas Alek would work best as her sidekick. Just is that way.

  10. Love all the artwork, especially the FMA crossover! Poor Ed and Alek, plagued by their insufficient heights….

  11. Wonder if I could bribe scott-la with chocolate in order to get him near d.c. Or at least bribe him to reveal some-revalations. :]

  12. sooooo, Scottsters, does this Manual of Areonautics really include singing, dancing, and pure happiness?? because, you know, that would be pretty friggin amazing. so amazing in fact that i might even cry.

  13. Oh god I love fullmetal alchemist!!!!
    I just started watching it and it is SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! O.O
    Lol thats awesome!
    my two favorite things combined :3

  14. I AGRREE WITH MADDI-LA! itotally want pure happiness in book form! fyi, 33 days till goliath comes out, god only knows how long i have waited!

  15. fyi for anyone who orders the books online, order from barnes and noble, its way cheeper then simon and schuster

  16. @scotty

    tour needs to come by illinois! i make awesome chocolate cake, and spaggetii!!!!!!!!!!

    but not together, that would be gross

  17. i have come to a startleing revelation, there is no more chocolate in my bowl of candy, and now i will have to go back to obsessing over goliath, vs my chocolate NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    hahahah i love randomness

  18. i had a dream about leviathan, it was awesome,

    so i wus sitting on the airship, then i fell off onto a walker and got eaten by a giant messege lizard.

    still, it was the leviathan, any other airship and i would have totally killed the captain for making me fall, had i not been eaten by a giant messege lizard hee hee hee

    *aaaaaaahahhhhhhh nooooooo not a gianormus messege lizard!!!!!!*

  19. kind of relevant thing: the only reasonable bookstore with any selection of the stuff i want and any staff who are willing to help that is near my house has closed! I lament!

  20. good question. does she? i bet it would be something really girly. hee hee… deryn tina sharp. no offense to people named tina.

  21. @ Kailey-wa
    indeed, poor Ed and Alek, the only thing in common is their height. Heehee.

  22. I fangasmed when I saw the Fullmetal Alchmist-Leviathan crossover. Two of my favourite things, together in one drawing. Its crossovers like these that make me question whether or not I have died and gone to heaven.

  23. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who really knows what theyre talking about on a internet. You really know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More individuals must read this and understand this side from the story. I cant believe youre not much more well-liked due to the fact you actually have the gift.

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