GRCT Interview

Last weekend I did a long interview with Girls Read Comics Too about the Uglies manga. Devin Grayson, who’s writing the manga’s scripts, joined me and said some pretty interesting things.

Click here to read it.

And because links to interviews make for a boring blog post, I give you Croy, the manga version!

Note that this is untoned, and has no speech bubbles yet (they were spoilery!) but it does show you the fiery enthusiasm that is CROY. He’s the dude in panels 1, 2, and 4. And you can tell that he is CROY.

The girl with pig-tails is obviously Shay, the girl with shorter hair is Astrid Astrix, and the white-haired dude is Zane.

Wait, isn’t Zane’s hair pitch black?

Ah, but don’t forget, they are all still uglies at this point! (Heh.)

Okay, Fan Art Friday is in two more days. w00t!

And as a bonus, next Tuesday I’ll be posting lots of photos from this photoshoot . . .


UPDATE: Hey, Forumers, how is the forum working now? Please leave your comments below. It should be okay now, with both steampunk stylin’ and functionality.

77 thoughts on “GRCT Interview

  1. Zane inda looks like Akiyama from “Liar Game”… But that’s besides the point, haha!

    It’s looking awesome and I’m really excited!

  2. I think the guy on the photoshoot is the same as one of that photo I can’t find anymore, but who was on Fanart Friday previously. He did both Alek and Deryn. And the face does look like it was that same person… Damn, my explanation doesn’t explain a thing.

  3. Random question here: has anyone read the Amulet graphic novels? The manga for uglies kinds reminds me of them…which is very odd. Must be a side effect of all this chocolate…


  5. UGLY ZANE!!!!!!!!
    @simo, your english is a heck of a lot better than my spanish πŸ™‚

    @BooksBeforeBoys, Zane’s hair is white-blonde

    @Joker-la, the pretties will look very manga-y, and I happen to like manga

    he he sorry if your ears are bleeding, i bet even u guys in aussie land can hear me ;b

  7. *still has scarf platered across face*, *walking into walls and trees and junk*
    can i take this off now? or would that be disloyal to alek, *godforbid that hapaning*

  8. @wormaster
    shank u for the choc-o-witt, it were very yummy, and i have eated it all.
    *nomnomnom eating chocolate like a demon on steroids* here is a crayon for no reason at all: <)_purplez_]
    heres one for u to! <)_greenies_]
    Yay!!! cranz for everyone!

  9. I am reading Uglies/Pretties/Specials again, those manga are so cool, excited to hear that Uglies is on the process to be a movie. I am Team David, I like Zane too. I think lucas till will be great for David, but no idea for Zane yet since he is a pretties.

  10. hey, isn’t this something from the Goliath cover and what not? Cause it sorta looks like it. And also when you scroll over it, it says Alekscarf. If it’s what I think it is, I am going to be one happy cat. I mean person!
    Looking forward to the maga. It looks totally awesome!

  11. sorry that I am not that into Leviatha. I love Uglies series. I am great that the above Manga gives Zane ( pre pretties) some personality, In specials, Zane’s motivation is to become special in order to match with Tally, I lost some for Zane. I like David more simple he love Tally and is heartbroken, but still stays ground, to do what he is doing, becoming the leader of the Smokes, has more heroic and edge personality.

  12. @clanker rose
    oooooo u 2? we have like a scarf-face cult now! XD

    @word master
    want to join above said?
    lucky, we don’t get earthquakes in central illinois

  13. OHMIGAWSH!! so excited!! this is like a dream come true, i love your writing and i love manga so this is just amazing!! πŸ˜€ if you’re doing a tour for this book, can you please come to Canada?

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