Fan Art Friday (Xmas Edition)

Before I FAF you, let me mention two cool things.

1) There’s a podcast reading of my short story “Ass-Hat Magic Spider” up at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction magazine. You should go check it out. The story starts about 4:30 in, after some yucks between the hosts.

2) Next week I’m going to be live-tweeting an old movie with various friends around the world (namely, @justinelavaworm, @readingincolor, and @gwenda). In other words, we’ll all be putting the DVD in at the same time, watching it in sync, and tweeting VERY witty things. Or just crapping on about Cary Grant’s amazing car, ore likely. Why are we doing this? Because it seemed like fun, and @readingincolor hadn’t seen it yet.

The movie is called Topper, and is a screwball comedy about dying in a car accident and then messing with your banker as a ghost. (Seriously. People laughed at some weird stuff back then.)

If you’re on the twitter machine, please feel free to join in.

Time: 8:30PM US EST
Date: Tuesday Dec 27
(Sydney Time: 12:30PM Wed Dec 28)
Hashtag: #Topper

And now for some FAF! Today’s FAF will have unusually low editorial content, because I have a seven-course meal to cook the day after tomorrow. All my spreadsheets are full of recipes! Also, the fan art has been building up over the last few weeks, and I haven’t always kept records of who sent what. If I haven’t attributed the art, please identify yourself in the comments.

We should start with this seasonal confection from the excellent @NovelNovice’s mom:

Snow airmen! Snairmen!

This is cool. I saw it on Twitter, but I can’t remember who did it.

Abigail sent me this one of Deryn.

I like her smile. Deryn is more of a smiler than Alek.

This one is by AdventureIsOutThere. I think the expressions tell an interesting story. What dialog would you caption it with?

Here’s some Dr. Barlow cosplay. Again I can’t remember whom.

That’s a great Barlow expression.

I LOVE this shot of Deryn hanging out on the ratlines. It’s by Helen Yoon, and should totally be the poster for the Leviathan musical. Feel free to photoshop it into exactly that!

This next one is by Melissa, and shows Alek walking in on Deryn in a dress. (It predates the Bonus Chapter, obviously.)

Love the look of this next piece by Jesidres. Apparently Alek has held onto Tesla’s walking stick. (I never exactly say what happened to it, after all.)

This next one is by Maile. Just Dalek, hanging out in Istanbul after the war. You know. No big thing.

It’s nice to see them just having fun.

And this is not properly fan art at all. It’s just a picture of Princess Margaret of Prussia. But it TOTALLY looks like Deryn if she had wound up marrying into the Hapsburgs. As in NOT very happy.

“Alek, you know your family are barking mad, don’t you? LOOK AT WHAT THEY MADE ME WEAR TO BREAKFAST,” is clearly what she’s saying. With her eyes.

And penultimately, a pair of pencils pieces portraying our princely protagonist and his pugilistic protector.

Hmm. Can’t seem to find who did this one either. I ADMIT TO SUCKING AT CERTAIN FORMS OF ORGANIZATION. Do not let me do your taxes.

And finally, here’s another entry in a long-running competition I call, “No, it is I who mark up my books most of anyone, ever!” (Also known as America’s Top Post-It Model.) This time it’s the new edition of Uglies:

Sophie sent that, by the way. (Sometimes I know!)

Thanks to everyone, named and unnamed, for sending in such fabulous fan art. It’s the best present a writer could ever hope for.

Have a happy Hanukwanzamas, materialistic orgy of capitalist consumption, or whatever’s happening at your place. I might take some time off from blogging, so see you after the New Year.

It will be all Uglies Manga, all the time!

1,399 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (Xmas Edition)

  1. Oh. I’m cool. EYEBROWS! I mean, seriously, how many smiley faces do you know that have eyebrows?

  2. @1353. I did. ANd I will quote you on that if there ever comes a time when I wish to boost his ego.(Not likely)
    Unfortunately, it’s not. My grandpa got diagnosed with very terminal lung cancer that’s spread basically everywhere. He’s got less than a year at best.
    Sorry to shove that on you.

  3. Hmph. Thanks, guys. I appreciate your implied sincerity. Writing fanfiction keeps my mind off of it. I also may or may not be shaving my head (along with the rest of my family) in support of him. I’ll definitely post a picture if that happens.

  4. I love the “UGLIES LIVES” in case you haven’t noticed
    If you have read my fav book in the world SPECIALS then you will remember when the smokey girl said “the smoke lives” that’s where I got that from. They say that in all the books though…….but SPECIALS is my fav so I will refer to SPECIALS

  5. @ 1367- WHEN? WHERE? HOW? Will he finally start being intelligent again and figure it out by himself?

  6. And I said, “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend…”
    Oh, wait, no. That was Rebecca Black.

  7. @ 1372- “Please Enjoy Some Croy” Comment 17.
    @ 1374- I’m waiting for FAF! AHHH!!!!!!!!

  8. @1371. You don’t have to say anything. I dumped it on you, and you don’t even know if I’m actually me or a creepy old stalker lady, so we can be done with the subject. It’s my barking clart to deal with, not yours.
    @1370. You’ll see. You will see.

  9. @ 1376- I HAVE seen your blog, so….. And creepy stalker ladies wouldn’t admit they were.

  10. Speaking of creepy old ladies, on my trip to Europe with People to People, we were walking across the street in Rome, and then some demented lady hauls off and slaps two of the delegates, one of them my friend. It was both scary and funny at the same time. More funny later, though.

  11. @9 (Rachel)
    Sorry LONG time. It was funny Deryn had like no idea what the hell was going on. And I only saw 2 songs, the first one was Alek singing about his love for the Leviathan…it was horrifying…then it jumped to where Lilit was singing about the Revolution, THAT was okay…right when the song started playing Deryn was like, “Barking spiders, not again.” Then I went outside the theater and their was an old telephone booth outside and I called Scott and complained and I walked back in and it was a normal movie and it jumped to the point where Lilit kisses Deryn then (my alarm clock as like random, annoying voices to wake me up) a cowboy came in *which was my alarm clock* and started talking and I relized it was my alarm clock and I woke up. The end.

  12. I love Uglies I’m reading Specials. It took me about two weeks to read this much. I wonder what Extras is going to be about, my sister Tatum-wa said it was really stupido (stupid in Italian) But I’m still going to read it. for the Hunger Games lovers out here do you think that the Uglies series is better or the Hunger Games?Just wondering I think that the Uglies series is better.

    The #1 Hunger Games, I mean Uglies fan,

  13. For the adventure is out there one the caoption could be :
    “Oh btw, I’m a girl and I’m madly in love with you…”
    Explaining the shame in her face and the compleate Suprise on his!

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