Belated FAF

It’s Sunday afternoon here in Sydney, and late Saturday night in the US, which can only mean one thing:

Fan Art Friday!

Of course, I have an excuse for being slow, which is that I ended the week with a big reveal of Zane from Uglies: Shay’s Story, the graphic novel/manga version of how Shay met the original ugly Crims. (A lot of you thought Zane was insufficiently ugly. Of course, uglies in the Tally’s world aren’t really ugly, just normal. That is the point of the series, by the way!)

Ever since saying I was out of fan art, I’ve been deluged. So I won’t be posting it all here today. But don’t worry, if you’ve sent me something, it will show up one day soon.

Let us get started. Here are a couple of cool images from gorrin, who has a lovely pastelly style.

I love seeing the Leviathan in color, and roaring!

And here’s the rare pieces of fan art showing the steam-powered elephants of Istanbul! (Why aren’t more of you guys drawing them?)

I like these two Dalek drawings by Shirushi-sanbusaku. The first shows our pair looking a bit sozzled and having a dance:

And the other is, you know, what happens after the dance.

Note that Shirushi-sanbusaku also did Darwinist Rock on YouTube!

Here’s a piece that’s not really fan art. A fan of mine was at a show by his art teacher, John W. Bartlett, and found this drawing . . .

. . . and said, “Tazza!” and took a picture to send to me. Of course, it’s just your average thylacine, but we thought we’d show you it anyway. (With the permission of Mr. Bartlett, of course.) Tasmanian tigers are so distinctive, which is why so many of us wish they were still around.

Here’s a very cute cartoon from Levi, showing the airship/kappa/cruiser battle from Chapters 14-15 of Goliath:

I love the expression on the face of the Kaiserin Elizabeth, the Austrian cruiser. (That was a real ship, by the way.)

And here’s some more Dalek, by Carly, which shows Alek in some colorful clothes, for one. (Maybe once he’s no longer a prince, he can indulge his innate love of color!)

I quite like this Dalek pairing by TheLanguidClown:

And finally, for you My Little Pony fans, here’s a mix between Rainbow Dash and Deryn, by Agehachou. I’m not sure if this is a real reference to Deryn, or whether it’s just generic steampunk/My Little Pony crossover. (Because that happens all the time.)

Still, check it out:

Just noticed that this week’s FAF was all Leviathan. Does any Uglies fan art exist based on Steven Cumming’s drawings for Shay’s Story? If so, send it my way!

Okay, that’s it for the moment. There is more fan art in the shed, and it will be here in a week. (Less than that, really.)

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  1. SPECIALS reference!!!!!:
    I am alone like Tally-wa was those two or so weeks when tracking Zane-la to the new smoke…

  2. Scott-la why no new FAF?? I am waiting to see if any of the fan art I have sent will get posted…I sent 3…

  3. seriously did I do something wrong to anybody??M@X?Ronnie?Levi?Middy Miles?Zaliz-la?ANYBODY?????????????

  4. omGEEBZ its already past 6:00 am there!!!Now I know he isn’t awake but a little warning that FAF would be late would be nice…..

  5. Ch. 15 is awsome!!!! I really like that one character with the awsome hydrogen sniffer, what’s his name? … Oh yeah, Max!!!!

  6. OMG. (I haven’t been on here for a while…..) Mr. Scott is a brony??? That is awesomesauce.

  7. I brony? I fail to understand that word. Perhaps I am not with it but- actually I am diffidently not with it- I just don’t get it.

  8. *stumbles upon shirushi sanbusaku’s 2nd fanart* *bangs head to table repeatedly like Squidward*

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