Character Reveal Voting

As promised, I’ll be revealing a character from Uglies: Shay’s Story (aka the Uglies manga) every week between now and February 28, when it comes out.

I showed you a bit of Croy last week, of course. So who shall it be this time around?

Dr. Cable?

Shay has already been revealed, of course. Ugly Shay, anyway.

Note that we won’t be revealing anyone in their pretty form (well, except Dr. Cable and some random residents of New Pretty Town) until Book 2.

Use this comments thread to vote, debate, inveigle, coerce, and otherwise pressure your peers.

You can pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound,, or Amazon. Or purchase it on February 28 at bricks-and-mortar stores everywhere.

121 thoughts on “Character Reveal Voting

  1. Tally!! Freakin’ Tally dang it!!! What is wrong with you people?? Like foreal, TALLY YOUNGBLOOD. Lol DAVID if not tally. But eh whatever: Tally Youngblood.

  2. Show Dr. Cable! She is my all time favorite character of any book and I’ve been trying to get a better idea of her with the fan art I’ve seen, and I still don’t have an “official” mental image of her other than the fact that she must, must, must have dark hair! Please and thank you Scott-la! ^_^

  3. I Definitley would want to see David. I’ve pictured him in my head tons of times now and can’t wait to see his scar materialized on paper

  4. Gah! I don’t know… my hands are tied between David, Zane, Tally, and Dr.Cable (yes I know there are a lot I want to see, but that’s cuz I haven’t read the series in a while…) soooooo I’ll narrow it down to David, Tally or Dr. Cable, I guess (sorry for all those Zane fans!)… Got it scott-la?
    Dr. Cable

  5. @everyone not voting for Zane: I don’t think you really get this. UGLY ZANE! We know basicly what everyone else looks like.

  6. I cant wait to read this book!!!! :3 I’m almost done with extras! im on part 3. starting to read bogus to bubbly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When is the movie coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it comes out soon!!!!

  7. I’m just curious because you said that you would be doing a character every week, and its march first and I’m kinds impatient. When will one come out??? I vote Dr Cable

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