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After my continent-spanning tour for Goliath, I did what’s called a “radio tour” for the book. This phrase may sound mildly glamorous, but what it really means isn’t so much “tour” as “sit in a room and talk on the phone to strangers at weird hours of the day.”

Alas, some of these strangers will be drive-time yuck-meisters who talk in their funny radio voices EVEN WHEN NOT ON THE RADIO. It is churlish to complain about any form of publicity, but those guys hurt my brain.

Them: “So what ABOUT that World War I, huh? It was a PRETTY BIG DEAL!”

Me: “Yes. About fifteen million people were killed, and another thirty million succumbed to the Spanish flu cause by the dislocation of–”

Them: “So, are they gonna make a MOVIE?”

Rest assured, though, that many of my interviewers were articulate hosts who’d read the book and had cool questions. I thought I’d share one of the resulting interviews, from Texas Public Radio’s Some Books Considered. The host is Dan Skinner.

(And yes, it DOES sound like I have a lisp. I think that’s my crappy phone’s fault. Well, not MY phone. I don’t actually have a landline, and had to borrow one. Because, excuse me, LANDLINE? Sorry, but 1993 called and asked to have their communication protocols back, so I sent them all the twisted copper in my house.)

Click here to listen to the interview at TPR’s site.

And now for some FAF.

Two weeks ago, I said that Helen Yoon’s lovely piece of fan art would make a good poster for Goliath, the Musical. And someone did it . . .

Remix by is by Margaret E. Original art by Helen Yoon.

And here are two chibi pieces from Helen. Lil’ Lord Alek:

And the mighty Deryn Sharp, of the Clan McSharp:

Chibi versions of a character allow us to see into the true soul of that character. Of this I approve.

And from one of my rather younger readers, Jeremiah, here’s a Clanker vs. Darwinist battle!

I can’t tell you how many things like this I used to draw as a kid. But it was always either World War II or aliens vs. tanks. But I never did any drawings with a bat-poo attack. No, we didn’t have bat-poo warfare in my day. We used to lie awake at night, dreaming of bat-poo warfare. You kids don’t know how lucky you are.

And here’s a sketch from Eli, clearly inspired by the Goliath bonus chapter:

I can see there’s going to be more Alek in a dress stuff. And why not?

And here’s something for those of you who’ve been asking for more Newkirk. Here he is! On an old-school motorcycle!

And finally, this steampunk scrapbook by fanpireashley:

It is a beautiful thing.

For the first time in a year or so, my coffers are slightly low on fan art. Maybe it’s because the series is *sniffs* over. But feel free to send some my way.

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