Please Enjoy Some Croy

Shay’s Story, the manga-style graphic novel telling the Uglies story from Shay’s POV, comes out February 28, 2012. Also known as 56 days from now!

During this eight-week countdown, I’ll be treating you to reveals of all the characters, one per week. We will be voting each week about what character to show, but because Croy would win all the votes, we’ll’ just start with him.

Here are three images of the same panel, showing the pencils, inks, and toned stages that every page goes through. And yes, I get to comment at every stage. Quality control!

Without further ado, I offer you Croy on a hoverboard:

The art is by Steven Cummings, who you can follow on Twitter, or check out on Deviant art. The toning and lettering are by Yishan Li. Text by me and Devin Grayson.

You can pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound,, or Amazon. Or purchase it on February 28 at bricks-and-mortar stores everywhere.

74 thoughts on “Please Enjoy Some Croy

  1. @42 – in another sneak~peek shay had long tri-pigtails, but the girl in this has short hair… so i think it is Astrix as comment #18 says

  2. What’s crazy is that I have read the entire series twice specials
    5 times but not until I read specials for the fourth time did I figure out that Astrix is a girl! UGLIES LIVES

  3. @Sam. Yes! Hahahaha! Of course everything I said. It’s me. 🙂
    And why on earth would you remove text to prevent spoilers? I WANT spoilers!
    Is it sad that, amidst all this Uglies stuff, I’m nostalgic for Leviathan? I just finished the trilogy for the 2nd time, and I’m like *sniffle, sniffle*

  4. @53- why yes I am very daft

    @54- IKR!!!????!!I WANT spoilers!!! PLEASE Scott-la please think about your fans!……..and read my emails…..

  5. Getting back into Uglies makes me want to give myself an Ugly name. (Isn’t it weird how we’ve all given ourselves the Pretty names by adding ‘la’, and the like, but not the Ugly names? Food for thought.)

  6. I have never read Uglies. *ashamed* I will read it while waiting for the Manual of Aeronautics!!!!!!!!!

  7. @54 I just finished Leviathan for the second time too! I`m so depressed now…
    There`s nothing like reading a series for the second time. Sometimes I actually enjoy it more than the first, if it`s a good book.

  8. @Libby 61. I don’t really think I’ve ever reread a whole trilogy (or full-length book, for that matter) before this. But, yeah, Miles=depressed.

  9. @ 54- I don’t consider myself to be a “mush” lover when it comes to sappy love in books or movies, but I’ll say that when I re read Goliath, it’s only the sappy parts.
    Disgusting, right?
    But, anyway, my Leviathan-loving-ness is invading this Uglies manga comment section, so I’ll stop now.
    You Uglies-las/was (if that’s what you call yourselves. I apoligize if I am incorrect.) be happy about the movies and the mangas! I am looking forward to seeing Scott’s name on the big screen.


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