Fan Art Friday (For Realz)

Okay, it’s time to get rid of our protest-y black boxes, and check out the real version of FAF. My apologies for making you wait!

Here’s CatieKay’s rendition of a CERTAIN SCENE from Goliath.

Super atmospheric, with lightning! For some reason, the katakana in the lower left is defeating me. Can anybody translate? (Ka-i-ri-so? My Japanese sucks these days.)

And from Unforgiven-Unloved, check out Alek’s expression. He is in LURVE.

And the last of the SOPA-edits is AvistheArtistGeek, with her Leviathan Xmas decorations. 3-D FAF!

Just imagine little wee Deryn climbing up a Christmas tree on the tinsel ratlines. SO MUCH KAWAII.

But wait. There’s more!

Here’s a cartoon from fellie220:

There’s just not enough marker in fan art! Love the lurid colors! (Love typing “lurid,” too.)

And here’s some bonus chapter fan art, from Melissa M:

Volger looks funnier in a lizard head than I imagined him. But of course, IT’S VOLGER IN A LIZARD HEAD. (Not to mention: TAZZA WITH A HALO!)

This one’s for all of you who want the Leviathan series updated to World War II. It’s also a fandom cross-over move, with Deryn and Alek in Hetalia mode. (Hetalia is a web-comic that anthropomorphizes the countries of WWII in comical and stereotypical fashion—and, as pointed out in the comics below, has been adapted into a manga and anime.)

Interestingly, it’s actually a collaboration between top-cap and magic-the-echidna, who did half each of the image. Click here for a larger version.

And from RakWel we have an Uglies cover redux!

Everything is very manga and Japanesque today, isn’t it?

And now for a vanishingly rare species: So Yesterday fan art!

Anybody remember the purple hand scene? ANYBODY? (Seriously, SO Yesterday is my book that the least people have read. GO FIX THAT.)

We’ve seen work from Art-Band Geek a few times here, but I thought this was a touching scene:

Dalek looks happy there. Happy Dalek is a good Dalek.

And finally here’s an alternate Clanker walker from Tyler:

It’s not from the books, but it totally has that clunky Clanker look.

That’s it! Don’t forget, there will be a reveal of Tally from Shay’s Story (aka the Uglies Manga) early next week. Like, Monday or Tuesday.

Also, some slightly annoying news: The release date for Shay’s Story has been delayed a week, due to paper shortages! But that’s only because the publisher wanted to make it bigger, so you can see all the lovely art.

It now comes out March 6, 2012.

2,462 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (For Realz)

  1. Also we could often be seen rolling around on the soccer field, spinning around on the field without coats in the rain, running up Henry’s tree, spinning rapidly on the bars, and most often, bawling with laughter.

  2. Hard to believe that “So Yesterday” is your least read book! It was the first of yours I read, after finding it in the tiny school library, out in the fields of the swedish countryside. I figured if it could find it’s way there, it would be everywhere.

    I absolutely love it. It’s something about conspiracies that really get to me. It works me up and gets me all rebellious-feeling and adventurous. And since conspiracies is a theme in almost all your books, I stuck around.

    So I’d like to see some more “So Yesterday”-ish stuff coming along!


  3. OH MEIN GOTT! I can’t believe it! I was featured on FAF! *fangirl attack* Thank you so much, Scott! Ah! *goes off to email everyone this link*

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