Fan Art Friday, Monochrome Edition

Since a certain manga is coming out next Tuesday, I thought it would be fun to do a monochrome version of FAF today, just to prove that you don’t need color to create a mood. There’s also a fanfic and a Scrabble board, because random is how the rolling of me occurs.

Let us begin with the fanfic, which is by Psocoptera. It’s called “Interesting Facts About the London Zoo,” and is obviously set after Goliath, in the hallowed halls of the London Zoological Society.

Click here to read it.

And now for the arts. First up is Christine K., with a drawing that asks the question, “What if Deryn Sharp was an admiral in the Royal Navy?”:

Also, check out the Napoleonic period image this was based on here.

From Deviant Art’s penut-butter-goddess, here’s a certain young prince making himself taller ny standing on a box:

MUCH taller, I’ll point out.

From Feitan, here’s a lovely charcoal-looking image of Mr. Sharp:

And from teaspoon00, a piece called “dress up,” which is possibly Bonus Chapter Canon, or maybe just something that happens post-trilogy.

And next from anderaminela, with this penciled coat of arms for the Bov-meister:

Everybody looks better with a Volger mustache, except possibly me. (I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried.)

Speaking of Volger, here’s a pencil piece by Bryn showing him being ejected from the Leviathan by Deryn, who’s just had enough of his snide remarks.

I love how formally posed all of these are.

And from Aleta, this is Alek at the tailor’s in Japan. Note Deryn cleverly framed in the mirror.

I love that Bovril is also sticking its arms out. BECAUSE BOVRIL WOULD DO THAT.

And finally, from Mallory, an entire Scrabble game played with only Leviathan-related terms allowed:

Not strictly monochrome, but amusing none-the-less!

Okay, that’s it. I’ll be posting a reveal of the Smoke from Shay’s Story on Monday, and an official spoiler thread on Tuesday, when the manga comes out. Also, a real book trailer for Shay’s Story is in the works, and will be appearing soon!

Ciao for now.

426 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday, Monochrome Edition

  1. @394
    I know I have yours but I keep forgetting to text you. xP
    I’ll text you Monday(:
    Which is tommorow lol(:
    And thank you for the support of me not liking JB

  2. @408- you don’t wanna know MY dark side…you don’t wanna know! Haha I remember what I did to that one girl… I wonder how she is healing..

  3. @409
    Very close reference to Hunger Games! Nice!!! Lol(:

    Sophie! Quit scaring Jedi -.- like serio your going to make him run for the hills. Please play nice with the other kids lol(:

  4. I haven’t read Hunger Games. Perhaps it is is another series you guys will pressure me to read. (Uglies was very good, so maybe.)

  5. yes is a very art. but what i really want to ask is why have you not made a new chapter of the leviathan? you know was you best creation, okay is also there the uglies series, but you must bring back alek and denry, the beasties and the walkers. i just ask you you made a taller alek, taller than denry ofcourse, and they just five years older, for dont make much have happen.

  6. @424&425. Epic spelling fails, dude. And punctuation. You’re lucky I’m good at gleaming the meaning of such fails enough to agree with you, otherwise I’d be chewing you out on the fact that you spelled “Deryn” as “Denry”. I mean, WtBS?

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