Uglies Manga Imminent

Several things:

1) Uglies: Shay’s Story comes out TODAY, March 6. (!!)

2) I don’t have the art for the Smoke reveal yet, but I will soon.

3) There is going to be a trailer for the graphic novel, also soon! (Not this one, a real one.)

4) I want to do a meet-up on the Forum soon, maybe a week after Shay’s Story comes out, so we can all talk about it. What time and day is good for you guys?

5) And finally, here’s a list my previous blog entries on Shay’s Story, just to whet your appetites.

Here’s how we worked together to create the manga.

An interview with Girls Read Comics Too.

A WesterForum meet-up in which I answer a LOT of questions.

And here are all the reveals:
Rusty Ruins
Dr. Cable
and Croy!

And here’s, you know, the cover:

Pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound,, or Amazon. Or buy it at a bookstore or comics store starting NOW!

Nook owners can buy Shay’s Story by clicking here.

For iPad owners, the Shay’s Story page on iTunes is right here. It says you can read it on your iPhone, but you’d better have pretty good eyes, because it’s fixed width format. iPad is way better.

Australians wishing to shop online can get it pretty cheap from Fishpond.

23 thoughts on “Uglies Manga Imminent

  1. Way to go you guys! 😀 I really look forward to this; Shay is my favourite character… (Wait… I really love Zane.. Hurrr…) It’s really exciting to see YA being turned into manga – what with James Patterson’s titles as well! I honestly haven’t read them (the manga, not the books) because I’m poor, but my Uglies and Shay-la love are boundless, so this is exciting!

    I’ll have to hit the bookstores! They’re always really excited with me when you have a new title out! 😀

  2. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I WILL RECIVE MY PERSONAL COPY IN 16 HOURS FROM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD soooo happyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (BTW ITS 11:06 in Cali as of this post>

  3. Ugh, Amazon still hasn’t given me any indication that my order has shipped ;-; Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get it before the forum meet up…I hope 😡

  4. Yay! This is super exciting! Apparently, my order has shipped, but it will not get to me until around 14 days… 🙁 is it odd that I feel a motherly connection to this book (as in I really care that it gets to me safely, and I wait anxiously for the mail every day just in case it comes early)?? 😀 anyways, I’ll still look forward to the meet up to see what others have to say even if I do not have my baby (…um, book…) in front of me! 🙂

  5. I must go to Barnes and Noble, must buy manga! I’ve never actually read a manga before but Scott-la wrote it so I’m willing to try it.

  6. Amazon says mine will be here march 9!!!! Can’t wait 🙂 for the forum meetup, any non-school day will work, as long as it’s at a realistic time for Californians!!!

  7. So excited!!! :DD My copy was shipped just the other day, now waiting with bated breath for it to arrive in the mail! I haven’t read the Uglies series in about 4 years! >< What have I been doing?! And now the movie rights have been purchased?! Waah, I think a reread is order, especially since it brought me to the amazingness that is Scott Westerfeld. XP

  8. Gah I won’t be able to get my copy until next week but if I manage to get it in my hands before then. 7pm EST or later should be good!

  9. As far as the Meet-up goes–next Sunday at anytime or Monday anytime after 4pm! 😀


  10. Umm… as far as times, saturdays, morning, like 10. Night, about 8 (in Michigan, I don’t know what time it would be for you…)

  11. I will purchase the manga on friday as a reward for myself!
    Anyway, as for the meet-up, a lot of people get off for spring break next week, myself included, and therefore anytime in the nest 2 weeks is fine!!

  12. Yay! Meet-ups!

    PLEASE do it after 5 p.m.!
    (and not on Thursday)

    If it’s anywhere in between March 16-March 30th, anytime at all is good, though. (Spring Break)

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