Shay’s Story Lists!

Have I ever mentioned that you guys are AWESOME?

Thanks so much for buying my books and make sure that a) there will be more books by me, and b) I get to eat and clothe myself.

In other news, if it weren’t for The Walking Dead, I would be #4 instead of #9. And after all I’ve done for the zombies!

Shay’s Story is available at most bookstores and comic shops. But call ahead, because not all stores carry a wide range of manga, even bestselling manga.

You can check out the first chapter by clicking here.

You can order Shay’s Story online at Indie Bound,, or Amazon.

Nook owners can get it by clicking here.

For iPad owners, the Shay’s Story page on iTunes is right here. It says you can read it on your iPhone, but you’d better have pretty good eyes, because it’s fixed width format. iPad is way better.

Sydneysiders can find signed copies at Kinokuniya Bookstore at the Galleries. Other Australians can get it pretty cheap from Fishpond.

27 thoughts on “Shay’s Story Lists!

  1. Congratulations! I don’t know if pre-orders are counted, but I ordered it yesterday! 😀 Can’t wait!

  2. yesterday was my b-day, and i got this!!! i had been telling my parents for WEEKS that this would be a great present. it came out just a few weeks before my birthday, and i bet my mom and dad had to work hard to get this for me!!! (other than seeing Hunger Games in theater (in IMAX no less!!) this was my fav. present!!!) i have yet to read the first chater, but i have no doubt it’ll be great. i love ur books!!!! (sorry for the long comment!! had to get it out!!)

  3. Yay! Congratz Scott-la! I bought it a couple weeks ago and it was awesome, not that I expected any less.


    Pffffsh, Zombies are so DEAD. (heh, I’m so PUNNY)

    Anyway, congrats! I really liked the book.

  5. AWESOME~~!!

    PS, I loved the graphic novel and you are right. We can still learn more about Tally’s world in this graphic novel despite reading the books five times or more.

  6. I want the Walking Dead books! I love Walking Dead! I haven’t read the Shay manga yet.

  7. sorry for spamming, but i REALLY like it so far!!! congratz on making this list dude!!!! the book REALLY earned it!!!! kudos to everyone that worked with you on this one!!!

  8. @salt That was my question! My brother looked over my shoulder while I was looking at this and the conversation went something like this:
    Tyler- What’s that?
    Me-Shay’s Story made the bestseller list!
    Tyler- Maybe, but Ninjago Powns!
    Me- Dummkopf(he refuses to read Uglies, he is so brain-missing)

  9. It’s 12 A.M., do you know where your clothes are? Haha I LOVED the book, but feel so bad for poor Zane. He’s so awesome… such a little flirt, but still, I wish he didn’t have to… you know, go. Although, didn’t he (as a pretty) have wavy hair? Or maybe I’m going insane…

  10. I got frustrated when I went to the manga section at my book store (which I know so well) and couldn’t find shay’s story. I hope they get it soon (maybe before I get my next FMA.)

  11. I can’t find Shay’s Story anywhere! I’ve been to several book stores, but no place has it! I want to know, am I missing something and just looking in the wrong place?
    If I can’t find it at the store, I will just order it online, but I don’t like to do that since last Christmas, when our social security number was stolen online and people in Brazil bought plant tickets with our money.
    If anyone has a clue, help me please.

  12. So much Walking Dead on there… anyways, I am hopefully getting this in some book orders! So excited! I just loved Uglies and I am a manga addict! Once I start reading this, I KNOW I won’t be able to put it back down!

  13. I wish i could see this in colour. Do you think you’d ever post a coloured version of the graphic novel or just of the first chapter?

  14. WHEN IS THE SECOND SHAY’S STORY COMING OUT!?!?!?!?!??!? I loved this one- I randomly found it in the best way possible one a long road trip with 4 hours to go and I had just finished rereading Uglies. I made my parents stop at a book store so I could find something new to read- on my way to the check out line I saw Shay’s Story on a table- swear I started dancing in the store!!!

  15. i was wondering when the second shays story was coming out…. also if u were going to make a movie for all the books cuz if you did i would die of happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

  16. i really need to see a movie about them! shay and tally
    i hate it when zane dies totally sad making

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