Real Live Stuff of My Dreams

Last April Fool’s Day I was a bit bad, revealing a fake illustration from the upcoming Goliath. But today, even though it’s getting close to April 1, I am being TOTALLY FOR REAL with a random round-up of things that reality stole from ME:


A company called Helimalibu provides flying cameras for “a variety of industries such as, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, high-level inspections for electric towers or HV lines, or for land survey and construction purposes.” The film industry is considering using cameras of this type for movie-making. And, of course, police are using flying drones in all sort of ways.

For more, read this story at FastCompany.

Aviatrixes of Yore!

That’s Amelia Earhart, aviatrix, trailblazing woman, and paragon of goggled hotness. I want that jacket.

Ganked from this story at QuiteContinental.


These paintings by Bill Pullman, a meteorological painter, attempt to recreate what the Tunguska Event in Siberia looked like to those on the ground. This is the meteor (or something) strike that leveled millions of trees and for which Nicola Tesla attempts to take credit in Goliath.

Flash Tattoos!

Thanks to everyone who tweeted to me about Nokia’s patent on vibrating tattoos. For those of you who missed the low-information internet storm about these tattoos, they’re skinplanted ferro-magnetic patches that respond to a device (like a phone), so you can feel a very personal buzz when you have a call/message/eBay auction to attend to.

I’m sure at some point many of us will have implanted devices to make interfacing with the internet and machines easier, but I have one problem with a ferro-magnetic tattoo. What happens if some April Fool’s Day prankster develops a “buzz broadcaster,” a device that gives everyone around them a great big vibration?

Nothing good, I’m sure.

That’s it. Have a fun April Fool’s Day, and try not to be evil.

33 thoughts on “Real Live Stuff of My Dreams

  1. I want one of those hovercams that would be awesome. Of course nothing is more awesome then Amelia Earhart( except for Deryn Sharp)

  2. I luve the hovercam!!!! not eally how I pictured it but still!! Flash tattoo= must have! 4th comment!!

  3. Thank you for the fix! >^..^< And I love the hover-cam. It reminds me of something out of Spy Kids.

  4. I just realized… I’ll be on spring break on April Fool’s, which means no pranking people 🙁 and no getting pranked! 🙂

  5. So, speaking of that fake picture, could you give us more details and where in the world you or Keith came up with that idea? Is it suppose to be a bad dream?

    And I am so thankful April Fools is on a Saturday this year. Because there is nothing worse than being an elementary school teacher on April 1. Just sayin’

  6. I SAW THAT THINGY FOR THAT TATTOO IN THE NEWS PAPER!!! When I saw it I was like, “wow, scott came up with this didn’t he?”

    NO IMPLANTS FOR MEH. I have a thing about stuff in my skin… *is scared of needles*

    I’ll try not to be evil, just for you Scott.

  7. Psssshhh, that’s no hovercam!

    Actually, imagined Moggle as a sort of Weebo (that camera from Flubber)

    Go Earhart!!! She’s Deryn in the flesh =^^=

  8. Oh… Well i won’t be evil any more today (I posted a… umm, weird video on facebook, April fools? Day early)
    You people have NO IDEA how insane the world would be if ANYTHING from my dreams became real. *shudders*

  9. I appreciate, result in I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  10. @SteampunkJedi I hope they don’t work. People can barely text on mobile phones and walk as it is! But it is a step in the direction of eyescreens, I believe. Which would be ridiculous. Yet awesome all at the same time.

  11. @19 I KNOW!!! I have done that about 20 billion times… I can probably recite most of it if I really, really tried.
    @29 In my strange little happy world, eyescreens would mean ALL Beatles/White Stripes ALL the time. I would probably either a) forget how to talk, or b) start talking in a Liverpool accent. Which I sometimes do already…

  12. Has anyone here taken a gander at the Steampunk Bible? *says Ruth, pointing to book*

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