Shay’s Story Trailer

I had a great time at the Somerset Festival, and met lots of cool writers and students. My thanks to everyone for showing me such a great time, and congratulations on another successful festival.

While I was gone, what should appear in my inbox but the REAL TRAILER for Shay’s Story! (Not to be confused with the humble home-made trailer of a couple of weeks ago.)

Check it out:

If you want to see it bigger or embed it on your own site, head on over to YouTube. You can also see it super-big on my video page.

And finally, I’m doing a meet-up over at the WesterForum this Tuesday night, March 20, at 8PM US Eastern. Note that with the time change in the US, that means 11AM here Wednesday morning here in Australia, and midnight Tuesday in Britain.

Anything else? I would think not.

30 thoughts on “Shay’s Story Trailer

  1. That. Was. Amazing. I feel totally bubbly. But I’m still waiting to get the book! Still, amazing none the less…

  2. Clart, I can’t make it to the meet-up at a future problem silvers competition. I loved the manga Scott-la it was the first one I’ve ever read but I figured I’d try it since it was by you afterall.

  3. I have yet to read the Uglies series (long to-read list), but that trailer was really cool! I love graphic novels! 🙂

  4. @10: It’s an interesting series. You should read it. I don’t have Shay’s Story yet, but I’ll probably get it eventually.

  5. omg this looks so good! i want to read it. wait do u need to hav read all the uglies books before you read this? will it spoil the others if i read this first? i’ve only read uglies so far.

  6. @14: I doubt it will spoil the others, but I haven’t read Shay’s Story yet. I think it’s just before and during the Uglies book from Shay’s view.

  7. @14 It didn’t spoil much of anything…it just gives you a different perspective on some of the characters. I do recommend finishing the original series though. Specials was my favorite book.

  8. Loved the trailer! I read Shay’s Story in like two days and loved it! I’d never read a graphic novel before, but I liked it, it was interesting. Shay was always my favorite character and the one I most connected with, so I’m glad to see her story. @ 14 it’s not that spoilery for the other books, but there are some characters in the graphic novel that show up only in the later books, so, you should probably read the rest of the series first to get the whole effect. If you read the graphic novel, you’ll just probably be thinking of it when you read the later books, so they may not be as surprising and interesting or something, if you know what I mean. And when you do read the graphic novel, it’ll be exciting to revisite the pasts of those characters!

  9. WOW~!

    Anyhow, do you think I can buy the graphic novels?? I live in Msia. I wonder if it’s out for my country.

  10. Carmen-la, you can buy the book on Amazon- they ship to Asia. You just have to wait a few weeks and pay for shipping ($5), but you can buy it from there.

  11. I was on the Nook and found a weird “Find the Difference” Nook game about Shay’s Story. It was free, but I didn’t download it. They give you two of the same pages from the book with minor differences and you are supposed to find the differences.

  12. Scott-la!
    I’ve been hearing they were planning on making a movie for Uglies since 2008, so I have no idea if anyone is ever going to!
    You should blog about it! It would be so happy-making!

  13. I already read it three times and still find it amazing.
    I am curently reading a book from another athour but am about to read Levithian

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