Fan Art Friday (Monday Edition)

Hey, sorry for missing FAF last week. I was busy preparing for the release of Shay’s Story, but you guys know all about that. Hope you’re enjoying it, and sorry to those who can’t find a copy nearby. They will appear eventually.

This week I’m headed up to the Somerset Festival of Literature, where I’ll be appearing several times and giving my Leviathan speech, so I thought I’d post this FAF now.

Let’s start with a little love triangle from Miyu999:

Everyone’s expressions are great here, and I like that Alek is distracted by Bovril. (Bovril is SO distracting!)

But enough love. Here’s some Clanker hardware! Oskar created this in the game Spore, and it even has moving legs (in the game, not here, alas).

Because it’s 3D art, I think we need several views.

Pretty cool. I haven’t played Spore in a while, and it’s definitely gotten more sophisticated.

Here, from Lydia, some comic art.

I love that the biggest maternal yelling is about the haircut, not the, you know, treason and stuff.

And a couple of sketches from Carly, kissy Dalek:

And annoyed Deryn:

Angry Deryn is angry. I love that her tie is loosened, and that makes her totally ready to rumble.

And here’s another of that ever-popular lift from the book, Bovri-with-fake-mustache, from Nicole:

I love that this throwaway line in the text, about Bovril trying on the mustache, has become the signature image of Bovril. And I’m sure in an unillustrated book, most people would have skipped over that sentence and not become obsessed with it. THE POWER OF THE PICTURE.

And finally, a quirky and expressive micro-sketch of Deryn from Lauren:

I like her messy hair.

Thanks to everyone for their work this week. I’ll probably go back to Fan Art Friday Fortnightly, because I’m busy working on a New S3krit Project, which is a novel. And, of course, I’m still busy with the second Uglies manga. Also there is ANOTHER s3krit project, which is not a novel, which will be announced in the next month or so.

And of course I’ll be doing the meet-up after the Festival, which means next week. Shall we say Tuesday night, March 20, at 8PM American-East-Coast-time?

But I’ll get back into full blogging mode when we get closer to the Manual of Aeronautics coming out, which is August 21!

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  1. @349 ill probably never ACTUALLY meet you people in real life bu, what the heck. Ill just type up one of my old writing papers.

    My name is Lydia Sybille __________(yah, im gonna tell you people myLAST name). I have fluffy(or frizzy. Depeds on your defenition) white blonde hair. No, seriously. My hairdresser told me she had never naturally seen hair this light on anyone older than ten. I have palish skin. My friend says my complexion makes me look albino. I have medium sized eyes that are a navy blue/light gray eyes. I have a nice nose that, compared with models, is embarassing, but i love it. I have a kinda small mouth and full lips, which is wierd ’cause noone else in my family is like that. Im 5′ 3 1/2″, am skinny, have size 8 feet, and my credit card number is- hehe… nevamind…
    I love the bands paramore and skillet. I am a smart ass, am sarcastic, and am really funny but only with people that are either my friends, family, or people i will never see again. All other people at school think im a wierd, quiet girl that reads a lot, and is typically either really smart or really dumb. Im tired (i have a bit of insomnia) so im gonna try to sleep. Good night.

  2. I have ALOT of insomnia… glad to know I’m not the only one… I really like the All-American Rejects… I smart mouth my science teacher because she hated me first. She has this whole theory that if you name a dog after a scientist, it will be a smart dog. So I say “My grandma has a dog named Sheryl,” (thts my science teacher)” And it is the dumbest dog ever!” I’ll tell you all my name if you care, but you gotta promise yu won’t laugh…

  3. I finally ordered Shay’s Story… Shuld be here next week, I hope I don’t go insane before then…

  4. I wont laugh at your name. And I dont knnow if its just on my moms laptop, but I cansee the two pics by Carly. I just beat my friends boyfriend, another friends ex boyfriend, some guy thats in my grade but ive never met, and a strange kid that has to sit at my lunch table-as a punishment- at lazertag. Im awesome.

  5. @Jedi
    It is something to be jealous about if you have never seen snow fall before you in your entire life.

    Now I’m going to the new FAF :p
    Hope to see you all there!! 😀

  6. Well, my name is Penny Pe- I’d rather not say, but it’s my initials that are funny so… my friends call me Todd though, whats up with that?

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