Fan Art Friday

I have had interesting news about my work in progress this week, but it’s all super secret. It’s pretty cool, though, and you will all hear it about one day.

One day soon? MAYBE. Maybe one day somewhat less soon. But one day. I PROMISE.

Let me just say that things they are a-brewin’.

In the meantime, it’s time for FAF! Let’s do this.

We begin with some cool 3-D projects. First is a Clanker lamp from Kirsten. Here it is, both in its raw form and with the shade on:

Like I’ve often said, one of my favorite things to come out of Keith’s illustrations is the sense they give of Clanker and Darwinist physical culture. Not just machines and beasties, but simple things like desks and lamps. So thanks to Kirsten for following that vision.

And here’s Haley’s cool Leviathan-wing ring:

The wing wasn’t entirely Keith’s creation. It was something that the designer of the hardback cover of Levaithan, Sammy Yuen, put together from pieces of Keith’s art.

Speaking of wings, here’s Kaitlyn’s cool shot of Deryn using her body-kite outfit:

Nice. Love the color scheme, and the fact that it makes Deryn look a bit like the shot of Lilit from Behemoth.

And here’s another one from Kaitlyn with that always favorite theme: hangin’ on the ratlines:


Okay. I think you were right:

And finally some Uglies action, a cityscape of New Pretty Town from Trenton:

What I love about this is that it calls to mind the classic Saul Steinberg image of how New Yorkers see the world:

Well, played, Trenton!

Thanks to everyone for a stimulating FAF.

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  1. I don’t feel like it. Nor do I feel like persisting this conmenting just to get 757. 8+)

  2. @755+756- What I meant by 8+) was that you had to use both 8 and ). Like 8 ), just not with the space between them. 8)

  3. I was reading Mythbusters: Science Fair (A book written by the ‘busters with science fair ideas), and there was info on how to use a lemon as a battery. Step One was: Roll the lemon on the table, just enough to get a little juice inside. And I’m all like “That’s what she said”

  4. It’s a quarter after one
    I’m a little drunk
    And I need you now
    Said I wouldn’t come
    But I lost all control
    And I need you now

  5. I am the red on the roses
    The carpet on your bedroom floor
    And I am the grey in the ghost
    That hides with your clothes
    Behind your closet door

  6. Can I just sing Owl City songs and Christina Perri songs till I go crazy??? I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN

  7. Heart beats fast
    Colors and promises
    How to be brave
    How can I love
    When I’m afraid
    To fall
    But watching you
    Stand alone
    All of my doubt
    Suddenly goes
    One step closer
    I have died
    Every day
    Waiting for you
    Darling don’t
    Be afraid
    I have loved you
    For a thousand years
    I’ve loved you for a thousand more

  8. Because we think “hum dee hum… I think I’ll go on the Westerblog now” either 10 minutes before or after the other. So sometimes it works out that we go on at the sameish time if the other stays on longer. That makes sense, right?

  9. @761- We’re not aloud to do that’s what she said jokes at our school so the boys made up some sort of code for it.

  10. @761- Also, the whole time I was reading that comment I was thinking it was GHOSTBUSTERS science fair, not MYTHBUSTERS so rereading that comment this morning made a lot more sense.

  11. @770- I think it’s because I think: “Well, I want to go on the Westerblog NOW, but this book/TV show/Ice cream is soooooo good that I should just finish it-THEN I can go.” And then by the time I finish it, you’ve already come and gone, or you are just about to arrive but I don’t know that so I leave.

  12. Random weird faces!
    Ta-daaaa! *bows*
    no two:

  13. I really want to get 800, but I’d waste both my iPod battery and comments trying to get it right now.

  14. @770-I guess it makes sense. In an insensible way.
    That makes sense, right? Or does IT make sense in an insensible way?

  15. WHAT? HOW COME IT POSTED TWICE???? weird. %_% that’s my “weirded out” face. I like it. Don’t you? %_%

  16. I tried to post the comment, but it said I was posting too quickly, so I added more to the comment, and when I posted it, there was one w/ out the added stuff, and one with the added stuff.

  17. Whatever shall I do without you for company? No one else is as frequent as you, YOLO!… šŸ™

  18. Okay, here are some funny things from people’s Howrse pages: “I tried being normal once. Worst five minutes of my life.” “I run with scissors. It makes me feel dangerous.” “I didn’t fall! I atacked the floor with my awesome NINJA skills!” “When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and let the world wonder how you did it.” “HAHA. I don’t get it.” “I was going to take over the world, but I was distracted by something sparkly” “Everyone has a wild side. But me and my friends just prefer to show ours in public.” “My friends are the type of people who will spend hours trying to drown a fish.” “When life gives you lemons, throw them back and yell,’I WANT CHOCOLATE!!!'” “OMG! The rain’s wet!” “Anyone can get hit my a moving car. It takes skill to get hit by a PARKED car.” “Normal people worry me” “I’m the type of girl who walks into a chair, and apologizes.” “I’m the girl who can watch tons of horror movies and not get scared, but screams and the top of her lungs when the toast pops out of the toaster.” “I only use my computer on days that end in Y” “Whoever said anything was possible obviously never tried slamming a revolving door.” “Don’t follow in my footsteps. I run into walls” “(on a road sign) CAUTION. WATER ON ROAD DURING RAIN”

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