Manual Art Reveal: The Bridge

Here is the first of the art reveals for the upcoming Manual of Aeronautics, the all-color, large-format technical drawings and deck plans for the Leviathan series.

As you voted for, it’s a top-down image of the Leviathan‘s bridge, showing the controls, the aviary, the coding table, and the message lizard tubes. I was also surprised when I got this from Keith the first time, and saw that amazing pattern on the bridge floor. Very Edwardian, like something you’d see on the Titanic.

Click here to see it bigger, and of course it will be EVEN BIGGER in the Manual of Aeronautics!

You can pre-order it (the Manual, not an actual bridge) now from the usual online joints: Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. And it will be at your local bricks-and-mortar store on August 21.

Also, thanks to everyone who came to my and Justine‘s Sydney Writers’ Festival event. You were an incredibly attentive standing-room-only crowd, and we had a great time. Thanks to SWF for having us, and for treating us so well.

Ciao till later this week, when there will be more Russian covers! (And Fan Art Friday, naturally.)

33 thoughts on “Manual Art Reveal: The Bridge

  1. That is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for more releases and the manual

  2. At this point I would like to add that this book will be released the day before my birthday…

    And the pattern on the bridge is really cool. I guess I would have never thought it would be a design.

  3. Whoa! That is totally awesome. It’s more beautiful than I imagined. I love the floor design! 🙂

    (You tell him I said that, Scott-La. Okay?? :33)
    Can we get a who’s-who of the people *on* the bridge?? Because I see a blond head in there, and I was wondering if it might be Deryn. :33 Of course, they’ve gotta have more than one blond on the ship; it’s getting rarer but not THAT rare. (Also: this is a AU 1914 we’re talking about. Why can’t the colors be messed with a little?? :33)

  5. Ohmifriggingawd! The aviary is so cool! An the carpet! An dthe stearin wheel! And the coding table! And the LIZARDS! Did I mention this is SO KEWL!!!!!

  6. It looks so cool!! but from far away I thought the message lizards where flying fish… which would be reallly cool by the way

  7. OH MY HEAD! Keith, my compliments to the artist. Scott, thank you SOOOO much for including more Russian covers. it’s not fair, theirs being better, but i didn’t even know your books were printed in Russian. i’m sure Mr. Tesla would be proud.

  8. I AM IN LOVE. If i wasn’t already, that is. which I was. Which is why saying this is pointless. Still, I AM IN LOVE.
    (And sorry for not commenting yesterday. My sister was being a bum rag; she doesn’t appreciate the genius. I guess that shows how much she knows.)

  9. Lol, if you look closely Deryn and Alek are in the picture, she’s the blond one talking to th captin, and he’s the one walking toward them. And Bovril is on his shoulder.

  10. Awesome!!! Amazing detail, Keith always hits it spot-on. But I still can’t wait for some Clanker tech reveals!!
    @21: That looks more like a message lizard on his shoulder, but he’s also waving a letter of some sort. Maybe that’s in case the lizard forgets its message. 😉

  11. This is so beautiful!!! *pre-orders*
    Also I wanted to tell you that my mother (67 year old) loved, loved, loved Uglies and compared it with Boris and Arkady Strugatsky novel Roadside Picnic (also Andrei Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker). So there is that 🙂

  12. So, today I was in the locker room, waiting for the bell to ring for my next period and there was this girl. She was on a bench talking to two of her friends. The first thing that caught my eye was this font on the spine of the book she was reading. I thought, No it can’t be. But it was.
    It was Goliath.
    I said, “Excuse me,” to my friend that I was talking to and walked over to the girl. I arrived in time to hear her saying, “Even though Bovril kept saying ‘*Mr.* Sharp’….”
    I said, “Excuse me, have you finished that book?”
    She looked at me, all surprised and wide-eyed, and said, “No….”
    “Oh,” I said. “Well, that’s my favorite book in the whole world. But I’ll just leave you alone…. Bye.”
    And I left.
    I do that a lot to people who have books i like, But no one’s ever had GOLIATH before. That girl made my day. I’m serious. I’ve had one of the best days of my life already and it’s not even over yet.
    She had Goliath…. I think I could just go die of happiness.
    Except, then I’d miss the Manual, so nevermind.

    There should be a graphic novel of the Leviathan too +_+

  14. AUGH I LOVES I LIVES I LOVES I LOVES I LOVE!!!! BARKING SPIDERS BARKING SPIDERS THIS IS BLOODY AWESOME! I’m gonna save it to my iPods camera roll and use it as my backround forever and ever!!!! 🙂

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