New Extras UK Cover

Back in early April I announced the new UK Uglies covers, which look like this:

They are beautiful, are they not?

But here’s the thing, they left the best for last. Behold the incredibly beautiful new Extras cover:

Love the yellow and black together. Like bees!

Again, these are the covers in the UK, not the US. So you probably won’t be able to find them outside of the Commonwealth. But it’s not like the new US covers aren’t awesome too.

See you later this week, with the next Manual of Aeronautics art reveal: The Uniforms of Clanker-land!

29 thoughts on “New Extras UK Cover

  1. @3
    You probably want to go find the origional post, when he put up the first three covers. It’ll be less confusing then getting someone to explain.

  2. actually, i’m sort of confused by the extras cover. It seems that the eye on the uglies/pretties/specials covers are all the same, which represents (to me at least) that beauty is “in the eye of the beholder.” so why is the extras cover different??

  3. @7 maybe the different eye represents that by the time you get to extras, the person whom the eye belongs to is completely changed?
    Sorry, that made more sense in my head.

  4. UNIFORMS!!! the cover is awesome, too. i can’t wait to see what they actually look like so i can stop making rough replicas. yay!

  5. i still dont get ‘before the hunger games’ cause uglies is not like the Hunger games at all nor is pretties specials or extras. The covers r super awesome tho

  6. Oh, I get it! The eye isn’t all mechanically, those are surgical knives of some sort, same as on the last three covers. I’m in Canada, I’ll see if they sell this version here. Can’t wait for the next art reveal!

  7. On the subject of bees….

    I love that conversation in Leviathan about the relationship between cats, bees, mice, and red clover….

    “*Cats*, ma’am?”
    “And clover, yes.”


  8. The eye has a mechanical shutter, so I think it represents the introduction of Moggle! (Far-fetched, yes, but cool.)
    I’m super excited for the uniforms!

  9. “Commonwealth”? Like… the Commonwealth of the Bahamas (which is where I live)? 😀

  10. Uhm hey Scott c:
    So I love the new covers! I wish I could get them here in Utah and rub it in people’s faces. Like..FINALLY! SALVATION!
    But Uhm I was wondering if it was ok that I made a page for the Uglies movie? Seeing as you never talk about it so I don’t even know if it’s still a thing… and I don’t know if it’s bad to make any page for Uglies o-o
    So yeah 😀 and where do I find a PO box or something like that for you?

  11. Oh my bejesus this might be wrong but I think the eye in Extras is different because:
    One. It’s not really part of the trilogy. More of an “Extra” (Eh? Eh? No one?) so the eye is a little different.
    Two. In Aya’s home country they all have more technological things. And it is a little more in the future.
    Three. Moggle : D

  12. Is it just me, or does this seem like a friggin long time ago even though it really wasn’t?

  13. When will this be available to purchase? I have the other three and loved them. I am desperate to read Extras but I like collecting covers

  14. it might just be me, but is it cos its going to be the final book, and in the other 3 the eye was hidden and in this one it has like, burst out, kind of? that made more sense in my head. also for all of you saying it is mechanical, it is just lots of scalpels like they have on the other books.

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