Art Reveal 5(b)

As promised, and as voted by you all, it’s time to reveal the Dr. Barlow and Tazza portrait from The Manual of Aeronautics!

But first a bit of money talk. For the next two weeks, my lovely publisher has reduced the price of Uglies and Pretties to $3.99, in ALL e-book formats. So now’s the time to replace that copy you loaned out and never got back, or to start a friend off on the series.

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Sorry, this sale is US only. But the UK Kindle version of Uglies is £3.99, which seems pretty cheap to me.

Again, this sale runs out August 26, so act now! (Or act in a week and a half, if you want to push it. That’s what I always do.)

And now, I give you Dr. Barlow . . .

Yes, Tazza is kind of squeezed in there, because that’s how they did portraits back then. It’s, like, symbolic.

I love the Darwinist stylings on the frame. So much life stuff!

Enjoy! See you soon for another art reveal, and for FAF.

(You can pre-order the Manual online: Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. It will land at your local bricks-and-mortar store on Tuesday, August 21.)

35 thoughts on “Art Reveal 5(b)

  1. Kind of wish Edwardian era paintings (the style Keith follows) all didn’t have the people in them looking like zombies (from the grey skin and clothes). Still think it’s awesome.

  2. By the way Scott, it says ‘are reveal’ instead of ‘art reveal’. And 5 euroes is like $10 US or $8 US unless it changed since I last checked, so Europeans still have to pay more than you for anything priced at $ to euro.

  3. Bought Uglies & Pretties! (I got rid of all my paper books ages ago so easy way to replace.) Thanks!

  4. i really like this. She looks just like what i excpeted from the b&w of her in Leviathan, but the colour is so much better.

    already own uglies and pretties and i don’t like eBooks. if anyone knows of any sales on actual copies of specials though…i’m in!

  5. Ahh! I love it! It kind of reminds me of an Alphonse Maria Mucha painting…ish (Maybe it’s the background), but whatever, BECAUSE IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Gorgeous! I love it! I would give anything to be able to draw like that. Sadly, though, my drawing skills are less than decent. Anyway, great picture! (But does Tazza’s tail look a little weird to anyone else?)

  7. tazza looks like she’s (or is it he? I haven’t read the books again in a long time) sitting on it

  8. i agree, the tail’s kinda weird. the only thing missing now is that we don’t have the other loris in the portrait… sorry, Bovril&Friend.

  9. “Foxy… Lady!”

    – Jimi Hendrix (he may have said it first, but I share his sentiment!)

  10. She looks tired, I guess forcing Deryn into walking Tazza takes a lot of work. I love the Mucha-ish style and her gorgeous dress!

  11. Only a third of the picture loaded for me. I even opened it on another page, and it’s still a third of the whole. So all I can see is Dr. Barlow’s tired-looking face. Was it a sort of style back then? It almost looks as if she sat there for days as the painter took his time. But besides the haggard face, my 1/3 looks pretty good.

  12. Anyways, I was expecting to see a bit of her sassy-self portrayed on her expression. I guess not…

    But she does look tired. Even the color-scheme makes her look tired. I would have LOVED a burgundy red dress on her. It just fits her. (:

  13. I actually noticed that Alek had the same sort of tired eyes in the clanker uniforms. Is it just something Keith does whenever he draws in detail?

  14. To be honest, she looks a bit ill but I’m sure it’s not easy crashing in the alps and being stressed over loris eggs. I like the way she’s playing with her necklace; it makes her seem less dead and portrait-y. And poor Tazza is all scrunched up at the bottom!

  15. She’s pale because being pale used to be a sign of class. A woman of such high social stature would not debase herself by working outside and gaining color.
    I dissagree (comment 15). All we need now are a few more books with this cast in them.

  16. Hey, the rest loaded for me just now! I love the designs on her dress and Tazza. And I adore the background. But her face is just off. Oh, and I noticed this was drawn in 2010, too.

  17. Hey! It says “Are” Reveal 5(b).
    Just trying to help. Or being a perfectionist. I’m not sure which.

  18. @25-Also it was believed that nobility had blue blood, so they kept themselves pale to show off the blue veins in their neck. Which sounds really creepy to me, but that’s how history works.

  19. @31- LET’S HEAL THE TYPO!!
    Yeah, that may have been a bit obnoxious.

  20. @32: I didn’t want to seem rude with all-caps, but it sure CATCHES THE EYE. And Scott fixed it! Three cheers for Scott! Hip-Hip, HOORAY! (OK, maybe just one cheer.) But the URL still says “are-reveal-5b.” 😉

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