Fan Art Friday (Frequently Fortnightly)

Welcome to FAF(FF), my sorta-weekly series of fan art, farinaceous treats, and fun.

But before we start, next Tuesday (August 21) is when The Manual of Aeronautics comes out! On that day I’ll be doing one last art reveal. As per tradition, it will be the endpapers from the Manual, which I think you’ll find quite fabulous.

And now for FAF(FF)!

Let us begin with cake, because the world needs more cake.

This edible artistry comes from the tumblr feed of jaberwockyx, and was made for a school project. (It won first prize, obviously.)

I like that it has both a walker and a whale on it, which brings to mind the book’s tagline: “Do you oil your war machines, or eat them?”

Not to be outdone, Uglies fandom also has a cake this week:

And just in case you think this is a cake with the words “special” and “extra” randomly on it, i have proof of its Uglies-relatedness:

Thanks for sending me the pix, Bea-la!

And now some whale love from Catherine P.

Not cake, but very kawaii.

And here’s some cosplay (and photoshop-play) from both series. First Jennifer B being a Special . . .

And Lauren being Deryn:

Two pencil works from peanutbuttergoddess, of Lilit and Deryn:

I like their half-smiling expressions a lot.

And to round out the lurve triangle, here’s Alek as drawn by sleepy pilot:

He’s not smiling, but he means you no harm!

That’s it for FAFFFFF. See you Tuesday for the book birthday of The Manual of Aeronautics! I am excited to hear what you guys think of the many arts in it.

To pre-order the Manual online, go to Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound.

65 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (Frequently Fortnightly)

  1. @47-Hmph. How rude. And that’s TECHNICALLY what I meant anyways-when’s Orion going to end/Medusa start?

  2. “The Austrian horses glinted in the moonlight, their riders standing tall in the saddle, swords raised.” Quoted from which chapter/page from the Book Leviathan?

  3. “”Aya-chan was pretty brave when we saw the freaks,” Miki said. “And you all saw her surf. I trust her,”” What page/chapter from the book Extras?

  4. “”Quit calling me that,” he softly chided. “I’m not a ‘midnighter.’ That’s Rec’s word.”” what page/chapter from Midnighters the secret hour?

  5. Isn’t it a bit cool that Bea-la made an Uglies themed “cake,” and the last word of Extras is “cake?” Scott’s joked before that if he wants to keep going with the whole “last-word-of-the-previous-book-becomes-the-next-book’s-title” thing (excluding Extras), the next book will have to be called “Cakes.”

    Did no one else see that connection?

  6. KYAA!!! My art is on here, my cute adorable chibi Leviathan with Alec and Deryn being all lovey dovey! This has so made my day and feel so much better about my art skills!!! I can’t wait to tell my fiancรฉ he loves these books!! Thank you Scott!!

  7. OH MY GOD HE POSTED MY CAKE. The Leviathan one. I’m glad everyone liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wasn’t credited, but I don’t really care, ’cause I might cry right now. He saw it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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