Last Day for Cheap Uglies

A few quick things:

Thing One
It’s the last day to buy the e-book edition of Uglies and Pretties for only $3.99!

Click to find them at the following places:

iBooks (iPad)
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Amazon (Kindle)
S&S (Adobe file)
Or click here to buy a Google eBook via an indie bookstore!

(Sorry, this sale is US only. But the UK Kindle version of Uglies is £3.99, which is kinda cheap.)

Thing Two
This is the French cover of my adult sf duology, The Risen Empire and The Killing of Worlds, in its combined format. And it is pretty cool:

Seriously cool, in fact.

And finally . . .

Thing Three
Jessica Valenti chews bubblegum and kicks ass in this essay entitled “The Upside of Ugly.” (And she’s all out of bubblegum.) Click here to read it.

That’s it! Real blogging commences soonish.

25 thoughts on “Last Day for Cheap Uglies

  1. I don’t have an e-reader and have all the Uglies, so the sale doesn’t help me. And that cover looks kind of odd, in my opinion. But I haven’t read those books. Maybe it’s somehow relevant to them.

  2. To the Ugly article: I agree that our idea of beauty is meant to benefit the cosmetic industry. I think we have to change how beauty is portrayed in the media, and how we ourselves percieve it. But Valenti says we shouldn’t tell girls they’re beautiful. That we should tell them beauty is evil, chauvinistic, etc. etc. Do you really think a girl bullied over her looks will feel better knowing the standards of beauty are oppressive? We, however pretty or ugly, need someone to think that we’re truly beautiful, so we don’t feel the need to get plastic surgery to acheive a bully’s idea of beauty.

  3. I thought there were only two “things.” (If you didn’t understand that, ignore it.)

    I just read the “Upside of Ugly” article, and I agree with most points in it, but I think people of both genders (not just girls) can end up thinking good looks are all that matters. I thought the girl looked fine before the surgery, anyway. Looks definitely should not matter, but many people care too much about the outside appearance, not the inside mind. People should end that way of thinking instead of trying to conform to the good-look mentality. (This is all rather hypocritical, I suppose.)

  4. Actually, I do have something thoughtful to say, I agree completely with that essay. It’s ridiculous that there is such huge pressure put on people, not just girls, to look stunning.

  5. Does that mean a collected trade paperback collection of “Succession” is forthcoming in the US???

  6. this is really really random but in bogus to bubbly in the cliques chapter i noticed that you missed a clique-the hairdos
    it’s on page 22 of pretties

  7. @14: You don’t need to warn for randomness. Randomness is pretty much the norm here. 😉 (Or at least accepted openly.)

  8. the cover is really cool but i have a problem with the blog that i simply can’t put into words. I don’t think everyone should go around, blindly thinking that they’re supposed to change the world, because as Gerard Way says, (to paraphrase) “You can’t save the world” news flash to people who think that society is open to such change and suggestions: it isn’t. people are making money off of you the same way that they use those beauty ads.

    NOTE: im all for uglies/pretties/specials being real.

  9. since we found out in the last update about the Manual that Keith actually does read the comments, i’m going to be annoying, i can tell. i will ask this question on every post. Keith, where do you live (or do you just travel to be closer to whoever you’re working with)? could you give art lessons? or even post video-lessons on YouTube?

  10. Wow NO ONE has been on lately…where are you guys???
    Tommorow is Hatsune Miku’s birthday!!! Happy birthday, girl who doesn’t exist! Even if you are simply a holgram, you still have a place in my heart!

  11. rrrrrrgh! life keeps pulling me away from my computer. @22, at this point it would be good afternoon to you. and good-bye for another few days, most likely.

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