Hungarian Leviathan

The Hungarian edition of Leviathan is totally interesting. It seems to be a huge propaganda poster of Alek steaming along under its own power.

This image is mysterious to me, but cool also. I want to become a Hungarian teenager for, like, ten minutes, just to briefly feel what this means.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. well my weekend was just fine. but it seems as though i am about a week late for this, becuase its friday right now…

  2. Yeah, finally published in Hungarian! (Yes, I am from Hungary:D) Can’t wait to read it ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the cover is good although I haven’t read the book yet. I wanted to read it in English but I thought I would wait until it comes out ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I like the metal crown on top of the propaganda-machine thing. It really captures the Clanker/Austro-Hungarian theme of the picture. I notice a lot of people were commenting about there drivers license. Well, I hope that someone invents hover boards by the time it get my license, because cars are kind of environment-killing.

  4. @ 41 – I’m only thirteen as well, but here’s my thinking:

    If Deryn was born in 1899, than that means she is or may be exactly one hundred years older than those born in 1999.

    Twelve/Thirteen year olds FTW.

  5. @54- Well, I guess that’s true. Only I’m from ’98 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, you’re right! 12/13 are really good ages(at least for me).
    All this age talk got me thinking too: isn’t it weird how saying “I’m 12 years old” still sounds like you’re a little kid and when you say “I’m 13” you feel all older and cooler and stuff? That’s kind of weird for me.

    Oh, and also what you said about Deryn being 100 or something years old, I sort of can’t imagine her like that. For me she’ll always be a 15 year old scottish girl dressed as a boy!

  6. @54: Does being twelve/thirteen a few years ago make me a FTWer? I don’t believe your language was totally necessary, but I admit being almost exactly one hundred years apart from Deryn would be pretty epic.

    @56: I personally hate the teenage years, what with all the random mood swings and such annoyances. So being a teenager does not make me feel cooler at all. But I also think of Deryn as a fictional but awesome 15 year old, not an old buried person.

  7. @58, that’s a good idea. but this’s my age question to think about: why are all the good Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/ Steampunk books about teenagers? all the authors seem to think that the 11-13 crowd hasn’t even discovered themselves yet, and somewhere in the middle to end of the book they finally realize that there’s a bit more to life. then, the characters really swan-dive in at 14+, whereas from all the commenters here we see that there’s a more diverse range of ages that experience what is set aside for writing about teenagers. sorry if that was too complicated or philosophical, it just really gets on my nerves. >:0

  8. @55& 57- yeah I didn’t get that in the “for the win” way either. You and me, Middy Joe, can always be trusted to think of things in the worst way possible.

  9. You know it’s been a long time since I was on the blog at the exact same time as somebody else. Does anyone else remeber the time last April when tjere were like 5 people on the blog at the same time all racing to get the 500th comment (which I got, btw)? It’s been awhile since something like that has happened.

  10. @59: I agree. (If I understood that right.) Most people I know have their personalities consolidated once they’re eleven. So unless there’s some drastic change

  11. (Above comment accidentally sent.) Redo: @59: I agree. (If I understood that right.) Most people I know have their personalities consolidated once theyโ€™re eleven. So unless thereโ€™s some drastic change in their lives, many people never change at all after before they’re teenagers.

    @61: That’s true, and yes, I remember that. It has been a while. ๐Ÿ™

  12. @63, i think you mostly got what i was saying. i wasn’t really getting at personality changes so much as in this modern world, anyone under 15 isn’t considered adult or qualified for adventures, and so all the authors trying to relate to even 13-year-olds is all about the real world FINALLY dawning on them and their perfect little childish lives are suddenly ruined by social pyramids and first boyfriends, when really that’s just not how it works for all of us. so anything good, like what Mr. Scott Westerfeld does, is about teenagers.

  13. well high fives to all 12-13- year olds. and i guess we can high-five the eleven year olds too, because thats close enough to being 100 years away from Deryn.
    although im not entirely sure all that math matches up…. WHATEVER ITS COOL!!

    oh and anyone else, no hard feelings. im sure your age is cool too.

  14. @66- Oh no my friend. My age is NOT cool. There is far too much melodrama going on for any part of it to be cool. Just in case you guys didn’t get his the first time I HATE my new, public high school.

  15. @67
    well the good thing is your only your age once, so its not like you have to revisit this supposedly awful number.


    IS ANYONE EXCITED FOR THE MARK OF ATHENA TO COME OUT?? Rick Riordan fan anyone? i read the percy jackson series 8 times when i was twelve, and its been like two years but i still love him just becuse i liked him so much then, and i always get his new books the day they come out.

    who thinks we should have scott arrange a time when we alll come on this blog and have a really cool conversation about his books or something? that would be cool.

  16. @Middy Joe- I know you told is the stuff about your sister’s birthday awhile ago but now I have something relevant to say. Yesterday In went to Batnes and Noble and got a little Adipose toy thing!

  17. @68, sorry if i got philosophical, but you do know that i’m your age right? we’re 12 year olds together… sometimes i just get scientific or about philosophy like that. if no one likes it i’ll stop.

  18. Hey so who wants to hear about my massive fail of the day?
    (no one does, PWH, please spare us)
    So I was calling my mum to tell her where I was but I used a friend’s phone because mine was dead. Since I’m lazy and I haven’t really memorized my mum’s number I took a risk and dialed what I thought was her number. When the person on the other end picked up the phone, I said “Hi, it’s me, the random creep that has secretly been living in your house for a decade and a half.” Then there was this long pause and the person on the other end said “I think you may have the wrong number,” and hung up. *facepalm*

  19. @77
    1) AHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
    2) wait what? where did that even come from? THAT SOUNDED LIKE SOMETHING SOMEONE WOULD MEMORIZE!!

    so lets just go with the overall wow.

  20. @74, so i have special privledges. yay!
    @77, that’s a bit strange, although something like that happened to me a year ago. i don’t remember exact details so it isn’t as funny, but here goes:
    I’m on the very unreliable yellow bus going home, when I realize it’s about 45 minutes late. I didn’t have my phone, so I borrow a friend’s. Luckily I know my Mom’s number, but she didn’t know the friend’s. so when Mom answers, she sounds… almost suspicious, a little questioning. I finally get it across to her that it’s ME, her child, calling to assure her I’m coming home and not kidnapped or something. — In the end I was able to contact my Mom, but she thought I was some creepo or something who got her number. that’s a bit scary to think that your Mom might suddenly not recognize you…

  21. @77- yeah, that happens to me too. I don’t have a cellphone so I’m always having to call my parents with a friend’s. My mom is kind of used to it but when I call mu dad it’s akward because he starts talking as if I’m a call from a foreign businessman…..but it’s just me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, this got me wondering, has it ever happened to someone that you dialed a wrong number and the person on the other end thinks they recognize you?

  22. @57-Sorry, I just have NO IDEA what FTW means…

    If I have a huuuuuuuge crush on a gay dude, does that mean A.I’m really weird or B.There is no hope for me????

  23. @69-I already said this before but since I like to brag about it….

  24. @82- Is it a person you actually know or just some internet someone? Sorry if that didn’t make sense… I’m just curious.

  25. just until my curiosity overwhelms me
    so…hi! i’m back! (that doesn’t mean i’ve forgiven all of you…oll)

  26. i care! hope you get better soon! wait, that’s weird–Scott was sick, and now just a little while later you are. > ignore that.

  27. wait, what happened? my awesome idea was erased. so, what i meant was maybe it’s a new kind of bug that can spread by human contact AND through the internet…creepy.

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