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Hey, been pretty busy here between travel and the storms and election. But my Hungarian publisher, Ad Astra, have stepped in to take over your entertainments needs:

Pretty cool, huh? Click here to watch bigger.

I’ll be blogging more soon, about some cool Midnighters cosplay from Russia and our upcoming trip to Brazil!

39 thoughts on “Hungarian Trailer

  1. i wish i knew what he was saying! He sounds kinda angry- IDK if it’s the language or the tone he’s using, but it actually works pretty well with the war-theme.

  2. I don’t know Hungarian, but ad astra is Latin for “to the stars”. I thought it was funny because Deryn wants to be in the sky all the time.

  3. It’s so amazing how this story is spread over the world! It really is so cool! And I know this has been going on for a while, but seriously, congrats Scott-la!

  4. I wish I understood what he was saying. Also, their trailer is about a million and six times better than ours.

  5. This confirms my theory.

    Everything is much much more awesome when it is explained in a language you cannot understand.

  6. sounded like Peruski to me… oops sorry i meant Russian. interesting how the Hungarian ad had Latin in it… so totally better than ours. ahhh, now to watch it for the twentieth time!

  7. Ahh so this is what Hungarian sounds like XD
    When he reads out the website, ‘www’ becomes ‘ve ve ve’ and my mind drifts towards the anime Hetalia. Sorry for being random πŸ˜€

  8. Ad Astra just posted some of your comments on their facebook and they really appriecate that you guys like the Hungarian trailer. I like it too, I didn’t even know there was a such a great trailer.

    The narrator is basically describing the premise of the story, and introduces the main characters and conflicts.

  9. @16 can you give us a link to the Ad Astra page? i’d search for them myself, but i don’t do Facebook.

  10. When I saw this, I screamed. Then I watched it. Aughhh, I was so Leviathan deprived…. loveloveloveloveloveloveloveXD
    Our trailer is similar, but less awesome. Why?! I love how the pictures move so much more….

  11. @21, Alek is Austrian. one of the “Five Great Powers” of WWI was Austria-Hungary, but Austria speaks Austrian (pretty much a dialect of German) and Hungary speaks Hungarian. Alek may know some Hungarian, but Franz Ferdinand &family are very Austrian people.

  12. @ 24: Alek is fluent in Hungarian. He speaks six languages, remember? Hungarian is one of them, as in English, French, Latin, and Italian. The first language he learned, of course, would’ve been Austrian German.

  13. @25, i don’t think Mr. Scott ever tells us directly which six they are. English, French, Latin, Italian, and German are the obviously spelled out ones, but that leaves one missing. my hunch is it’s either ancient Greek to go along with the Latin, Hungarian, or Austrian…
    hmm, the excitement is on this blog posting not the last, so i shall brighten people’s days here instead. IT’S BOVRIL’S COUSIN. EATING A RICE BALL. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. watch:

  14. @ 26: “As Alek glared the newspaper man one last time, an unsettling realization overtook him. He spoke French, English, and Hungarian fluently, and always impressed his tutors in Latin and Greek. But Prince Aleksandar of Hohenburg could barely manage the daily language of his own people well enough to buy a newspaper.”
    –Leviathan, Chapter Thirteen, page 125

    Alright, so I was completely ready to prove you wrong about Greek, but now I’m sort of confused. I used to think he knew Greek, too, but then I found out he knew Hungarian as well, so I cut out Greek because it’s mentioned a grand total of one time (I think) and both languages made seven total. Now I’m confused because the above paragraph doesn’t mention Italian, but it mentions Greek. We all know Alek speaks Italian from Goliath, though, and the scene in Mexico. So, is it seven languages? *looking to Scott now*

    (And could he have been learning Spanish because he was trying to think of Spanish words in Mexico? It would sort of make sense, since there were two branches of the Hapsburgs: the Spanish and the Austrian, although the Spanish lost power way back in the 1600s. Or 1700s. I don’t recall exactly which.)

    (I swear, every time my APEuro teacher mentions the Hapsburgs….I’m like ‘yes, yes, Louis XIV, mhmm, mhmm–Wait, what, Hapsburgs? Yes? Say it again so that I can write down ever single detail!’ Even though most of them were, well, not the greatest people….XD)

  15. And to you again, but @ 27: GAHHHHH! That’s like the cutest thing ever! Haha, the cuteness was sort of what made Alek stop. That, and the noise XD. But seriously, I WANT ONE.

    But maybe it’s not cuter than my dog….*compares* AM I SUPPOSED TO DECIDE?! XD

  16. @29 now i’m confused too! hey Scott, i think we’ve found a conflicting detail in your writing! what languages did you really intend for Alek to speak???
    and also, are fabricated lorises just as cute as real ones, or do they look different? but i think Midshipman K is right it’s the epic cuteness that makes Alek care about Bovril. *ponders* but i had thought baby emus were my favorite… XD

  17. The book says Alek is FLUENT in six languages. Chapter thirteen says that he impressed his tutors in Latin and Greek, which means he may not be fluent in either of those two yet. Just thought I’d point that out.

    Also, @27: Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  18. @27: *has fork, takes rice ball, looks at fork, shoves rice ball in mouth* How come when lorises have no manners it’s adorable but when I have no manners I’m asked to leave the dinner table?

  19. ph, also about the loris: ITS SO FLUFFYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oye… this confirms my fear… they changed Alek’s name!!!! Who does that? I liked his name. The Hungarian translation makes him sound like an old ma, rather than a fearless, young, energetic prince he was portrayed as in the English version. Thank god though they didn’t change Deryn’s, that would have been a pity. The graphics and the cinematography are better in this clip (don’t hate me, please) than the original but the choice of words for the narrator is too monotone and lacks any sense of enjoyment.

    I am happy, though, that they made a Hungarian trailer. Now I can endorse this book to my friends there. FINALLY!

    (next time I’m traveling to Hungary, I am getting this book just to see how they translated it, … that didn’t sound as it should I the LOVE LEVIATHAN SERIES! :D)

  21. That was so awesome! I couldn’t actually understand what he was saying except for the names, but hey, I love anime and I don’t speak Japanese. (: The way they used the pictures… it was just… *tears up* so beautiful.
    @ 27: I think I need a loris now.

  22. “I wonder how it would sound in German, Alek’s native tongue?!?”

    Wonderful xDDD It would so much great! *lovesgerman*

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