New Things

Still traveling, but here are some things you might want to see:

That’s right, there is now a paperback boxed set of Leviathan! Collect them all, or just throw them at people. (Very heavy, with sharp corners.)

Part 2 of the Uglies graphic novel is out December 4, and I haz cover flats!

I am excited.

And finally, Leviathan is out in Brazil . . . with subway ads! I am fancy in South America, it seems.

Note that Justine and I will be down in Brazil next weekend! A rough schedule follows:

November 24th

4:00 pm – Presentation at Cine Livraria Cultura (room 2). About Leviatã and books with pictures. With simultaneous translation.
5:00 pm – Signing session at Livraria Cultura (ground floor), with Scott Westerfeld (Leviatã, Ugly and others) and Justine Larbalestier (Zumbis x Unicórnios)
Address: LIVRARIA CULTURA – Conjunto Nacional – Av. Paulista, 2073

November 25th
2:30 pm – Debate at Livraria da Vila with the public about Zumbis x Unicórnios. With Justine Larbalestier and author Fábio Yabu. Moderator: Ana Lima. With simultaneous translation.
3:30 pm – Signing session
Address: LIVRARIA DA VILA – Rua Fradique Coutinho, 915 / 11 3814-9954

November 27th

7:00 pm – Signing session at Livraria Cultura/RJ with Scott and Justine.
Address: Livraria Cultura – São Conrado Fashion Mall Shopping Center, 2nd floor

More details following, including (maybe) another event in Rio!

30 thoughts on “New Things

  1. It always feels good to have the first comment because, i feel like everybody reads it, ya know?
    okay maybe thats just me.

  2. Will you tour when your new book comes out? If so, will you be in Minnesota? Last time you were here, I figured out you were coming to my local bookstore literally five minutes after you left.

  3. I’ll throw them at people!

    I hope I get to reading Shay’s Story before that comes out.

    A new book from the author of the Uglies series.
    That’s my best translation of the ad. I might go to Brazil just to see that!

    Have a fun trip, Scott! That debate should be fun. 😀

    @7: I just got Shay’s Story last week. Hopefully I’ll get to reading it this weekend. I’m rather busy (for a teenager, anyway.)

  4. i wanna go to Brazil! i don’t know Spanish or Portugese but hey it’s warm there! i wish we had awesome subway ads, too!
    hmm, Mr. Scott, are those some “Earthsea” books i spy in the background of the photo? at least that’s what it looks like to me… if so, that’s totally awesome!

  5. I’m going to collect all the books, read them, THEN throw them at people.
    Wait…I’ve already read them. Yay, I don’t have to wait to throw them!
    Wait…that would be a waste of money. *emo corner*

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR CUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. The SQUEE was supposed to end with EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! but it got cut off.
    Just being a perfectionist.

  7. I CAN READ PORTUGUESE!!! Okay, yeah, it was easy to translate, but I feel so happy right now. Then again, I have been taking Spanish for six years….But people always tell me they’re very different. They’re not….But I’m still happy.

    I WANT ZE BOXED SET. I will not throw it at people, though. I might t=hurt the precious. Instead, I will hand it to them nicely, or just be a horder, which sounds much more fun. MY precious….XD

  8. Scott, I know you’re busy, but there have been no Cutters previews or anything. It’s very depress-making. 🙁 Please? One page of art?

  9. @17 but i’m a little hobbit and i’ve come to take your precious! just kidding. i want the boxed set but it’d be wasting trees on my own greedyness since i already have L, B, and G. but the boxed set is so cool-looking!

  10. hello,
    I’m a student who like your books very much.
    I had finished the “Uglies”.
    I like it so much.
    And I am really excited about the movies of Uglies.

  11. hi scott!! there’s any change for you to come to portugal?? i love your books so much, and i’m a really BIG fan!! love you scott

  12. When is Specials manga coming out?? I faithfully bought Shay’s Story and Cutters on the day they came out so I am so dying for this!!

  13. I finally got to reading Shay’s Story (school was evil to me and I had literally no time to read for pleasure since I had 2-3 books a week for my lit class). And David’s letter to Shay – just wow. I had to stop reading and just thought about the whole tril and wow. That was painful. Can’t wait for Cutters!

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