Dalek Week Halfway Done!

Dalek Week 2013, the Deviant Art celebration of all things Deryn and Alek, is about halfway over (depend ending on one’s timezone), and there are some lovely pieces up.

This work by Thisoneofmarvels is for the “Scotland” theme, and uses the Scottish and Austrian flags as motifs:

dalekflags small
Click on image to embiggen.

Very beautiful! I love how serious Deryn is.

There are many more to see, so head over to the Dalek Week 2013 folder to feast your eyes and leave your praise.

37 thoughts on “Dalek Week Halfway Done!

  1. Did Scott Westerfeld just post my fan-art? *sitting here with the biggest stupidest smile on my face*
    I’m so glad you like it. It’s the least I can do since your Leviathan trilogy basically got me thru WW1 stuff in my history lessons:). Thank you so much.

  2. @4: You made that? Well then, I will say directly to you that it is awesome! I love Deryn’s expression 🙂

  3. ThisOneofMarvels-

    Hey, glad you’re enthused. I really love Deryn, and the bold contrast between the two flags. And it’s always awesome to hear that Leviathan helped people through WWI history. I love how alternate history can be just as helpful as the legit stuff.

  4. To Panzercrappitastica: Thank you very much:). I’m glad you like it.

    To Scott: Well, of course I’m jumping for joy:). I didn’t joke about the history lessons at all. Your books saved my grades. And they will propably once again. I’m writting a part of my thesis about the Uglies serie, since my topic is “Forms of dystopian society in YA literature”. Hey, can I ask you something? I’ll totally understand if you refuse, but could you answer me a few questions about these books? I’m sure you’re busy, but I would be very greatful and my literature teacher would be really thrilled. Please tell me if I’m too impertinent.

  5. I swear, one day I’m gonna draw a Leviathan/Doctor Who crossover.

    I NEED A DEVIANTART ACCOUNT *clutches face and sinks dramatically onto the floor*

  6. I looked through the Dalek Week pieces and I found a drawing for “Costumes” of Alek as Austria from Hetalia…

    It made me happy :*3

  7. Hello Mr. Westerfeld,

    I was wondering if you had any uglies movie news as promised on your twitter on the 30th of November?

  8. @19 – amen to that! Scott must be having a break…. we haven’t had any blogging for weeks!

    Has anyone seen The Desolation of Smaug? I finally saw it! It was fantastic! Personally, I preferred it to the first film because I felt that there was more…scope? Like in movie 1# it was just the dwarves and Bilbo traversing around Middle Earth on their little quest while we had the faint impression something bigger might be happening. But in Desolation of Smaug we were shown the scale of what is really happening in Middle Earth.

    Also, for anyone who read the books, I never realised that the Necromancer was Sauron until I saw the movie…

  9. @20: I have! It was pretty awesome! I have not read any of the books (I know, shame on me), but I thought it was good. And as some of you may know, I’m sort of in love with Aidan Turner, so the fact that Kili was much more prominent in this movie (albeit kind of pointlessly) made me very happy! Gandalf really irritated me though. Why does he have to go see what Sauron’s up to right now? If the dwarves hadn’t gone on without him (which he explicitly told them not to do), then they would have missed their chance to get inside the mountain. Talk about inconsiderate.

  10. @22 :O :O

    @22 I liked the romance between Kili and Tauriel although I’m not sure I liked how it was the motivation for most of her actions… It kind of weakened the plot I thought.

    Hahaha well you’ll have to blame Tolkien for that! BUT, he knew evil was building up since the first film and obviously he needed to find out about it. (that happens in the book btw). And the fate of Middle Earth is a little more important than reclaiming treasure, isn’t it? AND Gandalf probably knew the Dwarves would go on without him.

  11. @23: I liked it too. I was saying that Kili getting sick was kind of useless to the plot (but it gave him more screen time, so yay!). If he hadn’t, they would have gone to the mountain instead and that changes nothing. Bard would still be all like “I’m going to kill the dragon,” and Tauriel would have still left to go fight and Legolas still would have followed her. But whatever.

    I know it’s in the book, but it still makes me mad. Did he really have to go right that second? Could he not have waited one day to unlock the door, which couldn’t wait because the lock is only noticeable on whatever-whatever day? I don’t think the world would have ended if he had waited one more day to figure out what’s up. And yes, he probably did suspect that they would go on without him, but then why did specifically tell them not to? Shouldn’t he have encouraged it? He could have just said, “I may not make it back in time, go ahead and go on without me.”

  12. I’ve seen it too!! I really loved it, though I’m not sure which film I like best. I have read the book, and for me the story was always about Bilbo, and this second film kind of lost that. Still, it’s pretty awesome 🙂

    I liked the plot with Kili and Tauriel, though I felt Legolas got kind of shoved into the background by those two (and I love Legolas). Speaking of which, did any of you notice Legolas’s eyes?? They looked really weird to me. Did anyone else see that?

  13. @25: Yeah, something about him was wrong. He looked kind of meaner and un-Legolas-like. I think it was guyliner or contacts or maybe a different makeup artist, or a combination of the three.

  14. @24: Actually, they really couldn’t have waited one more day. “Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the last light of Durin’s Day shall shine upon the keyhole.” Timing is everything with this whole business.

  15. @27: That’s what I’m saying. That was the only time they could open the door. Gandalf, however, could have waited until the next day to go gallivanting in search for Sauron. I’m sure the world wouldn’t have ended if he’d waited one more day, or even a couple of days. It was wrong of him to tell the dwarves to wait for him; they would have missed their chance if they had.

  16. OK, hold up. I think that another reason why Kili got sick was so several of the Dwarves would be in Laketown for the next film. Because the rest of the Dwarves will probably spend most of the time in the mountain.

    @Roxanne, hmmmmm. Personally, I’m not sure whether Tauriel would have left to go fight if it hadn’t been for Kili. I know she was adventurous but maybe not enough to go halfway across Middle Earth to kill some Orcs…

    @Roxane, but Gandalf wouldn’t have had to wait ONE more day, it would have been several weeks? I’m not sure I follow… and he if had gone all the way to the Mountain then it would have been an even longer journey back to the ruined castle place where the Necromancer resides.

    I agree. Legolas seemed somehow older and more mature.

  17. @Kili’s illness: Oh, yeah, I guess that’s true. I suppose we shall see how prominent they are in the next movie. But as for this movie alone, it was kinda pointless.

    @Tauriel: Maybe, but that’s not how she rationalized it to herself or Legolas.

    @Gandalf: Was it several more weeks? The movie really didn’t make it seem more than a few days. But regardless of whether or not he NEEDED to go before the end of Durin’s Day, he shouldn’t have told them to wait for him!

    @Legolas: That’s probably because Orlando Bloom’s a decade older and more mature.

  18. Scott- Can you please post soon? It has been a few weeks…

    I can’t wait for Sherlock either! I’ll have to stay up later than I normally would, but it will be worth it!

  19. @Kili’s illness – well… I still think his illness was important for the film because it gave Taurial an explainable reason for following the Dwarves (for people new to the story I might not have made sense if she just waltzed around following the Dwarves for no reason).

    @Taurial – yes, true but would she have really told Leagolas her true intentions? Elves naturally hate Dwarves.

    @Gandalf – haha that is true, the film only seems to take several takes. However, in the book they spend weeks in Mirkwood, weeks in the Elf King’s dungeon, weeks in Laketown, and then longer still getting to the Mountain 😛 but yes, I’m not sure why Gandalf asked them to wait if he knew he wouldn’t be there

  20. All righty I went to see The Desolation of Smaug


    By his father.

    (Also I was watching Vlogbrothers and apparently YOU, Scott Westerfeld, bet John Green FIVE THOUSAND dollars that he could not stand on top of a table due to his fear of heights.
    Did you actually give five thousand dollars to a charity of his choice?)

  21. thanks for this.I was watching Vlogbrothers and apparently YOU, Scott Westerfeld, bet John Green FIVE THOUSAND dollars that he could not stand on top of a table due to his fear of heights.

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