Dalek Week on Deviant Art

It’s almost time for the annual Deryn/Alek (Dalek) week on Deviant art!

By miyaginoasakura.

Dalek Week goes from Dec 16 to Dec 22, and challenges you to upload one piece of art per day. Each day has a theme:

7-Happy days

Click here to enjoy the spoils of Dalek Week. (I’ll be posting a few of the submitted pieces later this week.)

16 thoughts on “Dalek Week on Deviant Art

  1. Wow I’ve never ever been the second comment before ever………BEST DAY EVERRR????????????????????????????I’m so trying the art week thing
    P.s. I just inspired somone to read uglies & they read the whole series, when they told me I started to do that weird thins were ur mouth is moving but no sound comes out ????

  2. Adorable picture! Dalek week makes me almost wish that I had a DeviantArt account, then I remember that I can’t draw .-.

  3. I love Dalek week!!! I still have some pics from ThePrinceOfParties saved. How exactly did it come about though? And why Dec. 16-21, or does that vary from year to year? I’m assuming Scott picks the themes, right?

    @4: Yeah, if only I could draw. I would make fanart for EVERYTHING! No fandom would be left un-visualized! Also, I’m a writer currently working on my first novel, and it’d be awesome to be able to illustrate my scenes exactly how I imagined them.

  4. Oops! You’re right, it should be Dec 22nd! We have now corrected the Dalek Week journal, sorry about that!>_<

  5. @5: There’s been so many times I’ve wanted to draw scenes from the book I’m writing, but they always turn out all misproportioned (at best)

  6. Ah, Dalek Week. Brings back fond memories 😀

    I draw fanart for everything I read or watch. Heck, I drew art for A Christmas Carol because we’re reading that in class. I drew Scrooge when he sees Marley’s ghost.

    I really love to draw…

  7. @10: I love drawing too. We’re supposed to draw out problems in my physics class, and I really go all-out on those. 😛 I used to really suck at art, but I’m improving noticeably, if slowly.

  8. @Roxanne ahhhh the truth has been spoken 🙁 I can’t draw anything more advanced than a stick man…. although I did get a bit of practice drawing various maps and stuff for Geography this year.

    Has anyone watched The Desolation of Smaug yet? I feel like both a terrible fan and terrible New Zealander because I haven’t watched it yet :O
    Did any of you guys hear about the 48 frames per second thing? Well, the cinema here (there’s only one cinema in my city) finally upgraded their projector to 48 frames per second so the movie should look awesome

  9. @12 – I’ve seen it too! And I can’t do anything but say it was totally awesome and great and cool and amazing and soo good! 🙂

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