New Japanese Leviathan Cover

Just received the new Japanese cover for Leviathan, the paperback version!

(Actually, the previous edition was also a paperback, but a larger format. For my future bibliographers: the old one was 184mm x 106mm, and this new one is 148mm x 105mm.)

In any case, here’s the new Japanese cover!


I like how this cover is a bit darker, and steampunkier, than the old one. Alek looks a bit less young, and his goggles are better too. Also, it has a blurb from Hideaki Sena, novelist, microbiologist, and president of the SF&F Writers of Japan. Thanks for that!

For comparison, here’s the old one:


Can’t wait to see the rest of the series come out with this new look.

Click here to see my collected covers, for editions foreign and domestic.

26 thoughts on “New Japanese Leviathan Cover

  1. I. can’t. get. over. it. *-* Why were we cursed with the lame covers? 🙁 The Japanese and the Russian covers are by far THE BEST.

    I’m pretty sure people worked very hard on our covers but but but still.

  2. I agree that the new one is better, but I also really like the old one because OH MY GOD someone finally made Deryn taller! 😀

  3. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Why does everywhere else but us have cool covers! Unfortunately, I don’t think Deryn’s taller, though…just higher up. I mean, compare where their hips are… 🙁

  4. These are awesome but I prefer the Russian covers!

    The old version made Alek and Deryn look like kids! Alek looks like a baby haha

    I like the new one better but am I the only one who thinks Alek looks a little too feminine? I actually thought that was Deryn when I first looked… and they made his eyes blue not green 🙁

    Still they are amazing!

  5. This was beautifully done! Details just right (and yes a bit feminine). @Zac-la I think the artist got their eyes right…
    And even if Deryn is placed farther back, if they were even I think that she’d still be taller anyway 😛 lol

  6. Alek looks great in the new one, though a little bit feminine, yes.
    I don’t know if I prefer Japanese or Russian, both of them are totally awesome!!

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  8. Which do you guys like better, the Russian or Japanese covers? I like the Russian ones better, myself.

  9. Everyone’s been saying how Alek looks somewhat feminine in the new Japanese cover.

    That is true, but I always thought that since he lived his entire life a prince, Alek would have to look soft; like he’s never worked a day in his life.

    Also, I just can’t help but say he looks good, so I’ve got no complaints! 😉

  10. @16 TRUE! I agree but there’s a difference between being soft and being feminine 😛

    BTW, it’s summer here in New Zealand and school has just finished for the year 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I’m planning on re-re-reading the Uglies series and the Leviathan series over summer 😀 😀 😀 😀

  11. @Zac-la – wow! I can never really wrap my head around how the seasons change all over the planet. It’s almost Christmas here!

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it almost Christmas everywhere? It’s just that in places where it’s summer now, Christmas is in summer.

  13. Oh, so that’s what it is. I’m sorry, I get really confused with the months and the seasons and all that.
    Christmas in summer…..well, I can’t really picture it but I guess it would be cool 🙂

    I get off for about two and a half weeks, and I get out of school on Tuesday!!

  14. It’s winter where I live, but it’s so bright outside it doesn’t feel like winter at all. 😉
    My new year’s resolution is to re-read the Leviathan series and to finish reading Homestuck. Which is kind of going to take forever. D:

  15. I saw The Hobbit yesterday!!! I’m so happy, I’ve been waiting for part 2 for ages, and it’s such a cool movie!! The dwarves, Bilbo, the elves, and Smaug!! I swear I cannot stop talking about the movie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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