Leviathan Table (Fan Art!)

This is pretty cool. It’s a table restoration by Fiona S. and her grandma, featuring monoplanes, the Emperor’s airyacht, and a kraken on the top.


Here’s a close up of the air yacht Stamboul:


But wait, there’s more!

The side panels feature a flechette bat . . .


a strafing hawk . . .


a message lizard . . .


and the ever-popular perspicacious loris!


Truly a magnificent piece. And it’s great to see everything in such vibrant colors. May you have many fine tea parties on this table, Fiona.

Just a wee headsup: There may be some Uglies news before the end of the year, or in early 2014. Look for it right here, or in the pages of your favorite industry rag.

UPDATE: Ebooks of both Uglies and Leviathan are on sale for all of December in the USA. Click here for details.

18 thoughts on “Leviathan Table (Fan Art!)

  1. Very awesome table! I wish. I had that kind of artistic talent…

    As a random side note, how is it December 2nd already? It’s not even December 1st here!

  2. Wow, this is awesome! A Leviathan table, with a picture of a perspicacious loris, and a (sort of) promise of Uglies news! After a having a really bad couple of hours, this is exactly what I needed.

  3. Wow, this table is awesome! But how come they didn’t put the actual Leviathan on it? (And maybe a behemoth instead of a kraken?)

  4. That is a seriously cool table, I wish I could draw that well!

    @Catching Fire discussion (from last thread) – I too had no problem with the love triangle, I think that’s where Katniss really shows her feelings, is not just “the girl on fire”. I was always rooting for Peeta, he is such a sweet person. About what you were saying of it being weird that he loved her for years but didn’t say anything…well, he thought she would never even look at him, so the Hunger Games were like his chance to finally tell her. But…he ends up telling the whole country. That’s the only part I think would have been good if he just told Katniss.

  5. To reply to Panzercrapptistactica, because Scott lives in Australia, it is now 12:30 a.m. They are ahead of us by many hours, so it will appear like Scott is blogging from the future to us U.S. dwellers. Hope thi helped!

  6. This is amazing! She should consider making another one and selling it!

    It’s December the 3rd here in New Zealand 😛

    OH MY HOVERBOARD!!!! Uglies news?!?!?!!?!!?!!?!? Movie news, I presume?? HALJFLKSDFKLS:DIJLIER:GJIERGL:

    Hopefully we do actually get some news this time! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. I was confused. It was the first at the time. *facepalm* Also: Aaaahhhh, Scott responded to my comment! 😀

    I realized last night that there hasn’t been a meet-up in over a year. Will there be one soon?

  8. I love the book uglies! I read the whole series, and then got my mom to. If you haven’t read Uglies you definitively should, they are on sale on mobile devices now for a GREAT price! I have been waiting so long for Uglies movie news :)!! Scott please tell us before 2014, we want to know soo bad! This movie news would be an awesome Christmas present!! Almost 3 times a month I google Uglies movie news, but nothing’s there. I know that it takes a while in the movie business, but PLEASE keep us updated!!! 🙂 Below are a few questions I personally think everyone I’d dying to know!

    1. Is it still happening!!?
    2. When?
    3. Who’s in the cast!
    4. When can we see a movie trailer!!!!
    5. What is it going to be rated?
    6. Are they going to shove all the books into one movie? (I hope not!). Comment below below to say what you want to know.


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