Afterworlds Special ARC Cover

As you know, I’ve already revealed the cover of Afterworlds, three posts ago. But I also wanted to show you the cover of the special advanced readers’ copies (ARCs) sent to bookstore owners and the like, because it’s seriously my favorite promotional object of my entire career:

afterworlds ARC

Now, I know that looks like the back cover, but it’s the FRONT, because the blurbs were so funny that Sales was like, “Put them on the front!” (And yes, they are real blurbs. Thanks to John, Maureen, and Shannon!)

Alas, only 200 copies of this were printed, and they are hard to acquire. I only own three, and you can’t have them!

For those of you in the trade, there will be many more ARCs with the real cover, at places like Book Expo America. (I’m signing there!) But I love that these silly ones are in short supply.

So collectible.

Also, I knew this thing was long, but now that it’s here in physical form and 599 pages, I realize how THICK that is:


As you can see it’s 5cm (2 inches) thick, almost twice as fat as Justine‘s next book, Razorhurst. Which is her longest book yet.

Of course, I’m cheating because it’s really two books (Darcy’s book and the book about Darcy). But still, I win.

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  1. As sweet as that is, I must point out that many of us fanfic authors would be unimpressed. I for one have written a complete novel that’s around 300k. I’ve seen (though certainly not read) one that’s about 600k. If it’s length you’re wanting to compare, I don’t think most published authors can compete with fanfic. It’s quite freeing not to have to worry about paper costs and book store shelf space.

  2. Well, that successfully made me laugh 😀 And made me even more eager to read it.

  3. Okay, that is so awesome, I may have to print it and tape it to my copy this fall. Gotta live authors with a sense of humour!

  4. If the novel is 25% as awesome as those blurbs, it is going to be an excellent read. I am officially getting excited for this.

  5. Now I’m gonna have to rob our local bookstores, geez. Wonder if you even sent any advance copies here (Traverse City) we’re small but unusual. I wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of B&E if there aren’t even any here.

    Love the quotes!

  6. I found out today that my friend’s uncle owns a bookstore. So there is an itty bitty chance that I might actually get this 😀

  7. I can’t wait for this book to come out 🙂 Love the blurbs, and they just make me want to read it even more!

  8. Oh my GOSH, those blurbs were the greatest. I am so excited! Why does that one lady in my mom’s book group no longer own a bookstore. She used to give my sister and I ARCs. 🙁

  9. @14

    spam? where is there spam? I detect no spam, unless you’re referring to the meat-in-a-can product.

    I think what you mean by spam good sir/madam/other is traffic. Like, people actually commenting.

  10. Mmmm, I saw spam the other day but it’s disappeared now!

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who LOVES a huge, fat book by one of your favourite authors? It’s a beautiful sight :’)

    So John Green wrote a blurb for this book?! That’s pretty cool!

    Do you celebrate Anzac’s Day, Scott?

  11. @17: Now I lost the game!
    @18: You are not. I’m so excited for this to come out!

  12. nerzza-la-

    Gah! I just lost the game.

    I didn’t do anything for Anzac Day, no. (Well, except listen to a podcast of a guy on the ABC dispelling all the myths about Gallipoli.)

  13. a) why hasn’t there been a blog post for weeks?!

    b) what is with this spam?!

    c) are you purposely keeping Uglies TV show news from us?!

    These look great!

    ((I added my Tumblr to my name if any of y’all are interested. I’m pretty happy with my follower count, so I’m not really campaigning for followers (but then again, what Tumblr user doesn’t campaign for followers?) but I saw that some others had put their Tumblrs as well. I’m on Tumblr a lot more than I’m on here (Whoops, I should be here more often!), and I mostly post nerdy Homestuck stuff and Leviathan stuff. Not sure if any of you will really want to look, tbh. It’s kinda boring. I hope the link works, though. Sorry if this was unnecessary.))

  15. I am so excited!
    what an awesome concept, TWO BOOKS IN ONE
    more for your money people, more for your money.
    Thank you Scott, for helping me ace my WW1 quiz in history today. I used the afterwords in Leviathan/behemoth/goliath for some solid research.
    And I greatly impressed my class with the story of Franz Ferdinand’s pocket watch.

  16. I just got bullied off of my tumblr for explaining why I didn’t think Leviathan was sexist. Like, Alek and Volger may have been kind of sexist, but the books weren’t promoting sexism, for God’s sake! And saying that “sexism may have been used in Leviathan as a source of conflict, not to promote misogyny” apparently makes me a “gross person?” Well, what do you want, a world where discrimination doesn’t exist?

    :\ I’m done with tumblr right now.

  17. Sorry for whining, though. 🙁

    I realized that I’ll disappear from this website for months on end only to appear and make some random, obscure comment…and then I disappear again.

    (I thought out fandom was too small for SJWs…not that I have anything against the SJWs who actually care about equality and justice, it’s just the somewhat stupid, self-absorbed ones that really get on my nerves…)

    Now I shall disappear again. Goodbye, friends, I am gone.

  18. Hey, Mr. Westerfeld? Are we getting another blog post anytime soon? Just wondering.

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