On Tour in 2014 (Updated)

With Afterworlds coming out, I’ll be traveling and making appearances all year long. The tour in September and October isn’t set yet, but here are a few places I’ll definitely be:

Comic Con
San Diego, CA
July 24-27

Signing at the Mysterious Galaxy Booth (#1119)
Saturday, July 26
1:00p.m. – 1:30p.m.
My books will be on sale there too!

“What’s Hot in YA?” panel
Sunday, July 27
1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.
Room: 25ABC
Signing afterward in the Sails Pavilion:
AA09 02:30 PM – 03:30 PM

The Yellow Book Road Bookstore
Just me, talking about Leviathan and Afterworlds
2750 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego, CA 92106
Sunday, July 27
Store: 619-955-5188

Leaky Con
Orlando, FL
July 30-Aug 3
Details forthcoming, but I’ll be there!

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN
Aug 14-16
Details forthcoming.

Texas Teen Book Festival
Austin, TX
October 18
Details forthcoming.

Charleston, SC
Nov 7-8
Details forthcoming.

Also, if you’re a fan of Justine and live in Australia, her new novel, Razorhurst, is out there this week. She’ll be launching it in in Sydney and Melbourne, so click here if you want to join her at the party!

Anyway, that’s how my year is shaping up so far. There will be many more events, especially when I go on tour for the release of Afterworlds on September 23.

Hope I get to see a lot of you in person!

In the meantime, the Afterworlds trailer remains awesome:

Click here to see it bigger.

16 thoughts on “On Tour in 2014 (Updated)


    Also, how’s life? I feel like we people haven’t chatted in a bit…

  2. @7: When is it????? (Please, tell me it’s not in July; I’m doing NaNoWriMo right now.) Or I could actually log on to dA and check. I’m part of the group that does it. Doing that now….

  3. Oh goodness, it IS in July. At least it’s at the end. I’m almost done with my 50000 words, but not the novel. :/ Maybe I’ll be able to participate….

  4. Heyo,
    I agree with the above and really like the design of your website and really really like your books. The way you wright (haha three “w”words [<there's another!] in a row) Deryn is especially appealing because, being a girl I find that many male writers cannot write girls very well and end up stereotyping. I am glad that you gave Deryn a true personality. I read Goliath first and to me it has always been the best book. I sort of wonder in that scenario who would have won the war, but then Alek and Deryn might die and really, I get attached to characters in books (I get attached to everything really) and would have been sad and angry if they died.
    PS. Please come to Word On the Street (the Toronto book festival) sometime, let me know the beforehand if you're coming so I can make sure to go.
    PPS. I am a little bit of a Grammer N*zi (apologies to any and al who may take offense to the word) and am happy I found no errors in your books.
    Have a nice day,

  5. So, I was at a Barnes & Noble yesterday and I found a new edition of Uglies with a sneak peek of Afterworlds….I really should not have read it because now it makes it even harder to wait for when it actually comes out. It’s amazing!!!

  6. I saw Uglies at the library the other day so I decided to get it out and re-read it 🙂

    Cool being able to noticed all the details this time round.. like the first time I read it for some reason I thought Shay had blonde hair… that’s how I imagined her for all three books 😮

  7. I’M SO JAZZED. This is a killer of an idea, and it’s a comfort to know I can trust the author to do it justice.

  8. Hey,
    Love the new theme, HOWEVER, on the forum it has created a glitch for posting a new comment. Instead of going down a line, the box goes on forever and once you pass a certain amount of writing, the “post” buttons and everything else disappears and the only way to post is to scroll back with the arrow keys or press enter. This creates quite the hassle for us forumers and so I’m hoping we can get it fixed soon.

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