10 thoughts on “Afterworlds Tour

  1. Please come to Seattle! You’re my favorite author and I’d love to meet you- I have other friends in Seattle whom I also met through this site.
    I can’t wait to read Afterworlds!

  2. Um….I could also go to the event in San Jose. Should I? I’m already going to the one in San Francisco…. By the way, do you suggest getting a copy of Afterworlds before or at the SF event since it’s included in the ticket but I’d have to wait?

  3. somehow, while cruising through a used bookstore, i found an advanced reader’s copy of this book. i am about halfway through it and have to say i absolutely love it!! amazing way of twisting the two stories together! i have also read the uglies series and that is a wonderful set of books as well. keep up the good work scott!

  4. @Midshipman K – it’s not an issue having two copies of Afterworlds…is it? 😛

    We should have a big meet up to chat about Afterworlds when we’ve all read it!!

  5. I would SOOO be at the Milwaukee signing tonight if I didn’t have to do a presentation in my night class. :'(
    Afterworlds was awesome!!!! 🙂

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