Still on Tour

The Afterworlds tour is pretty much over, except for my visit to Toronto, Canada and YallFest in Charleston, SC. (See my Appearances page for details on those.)

For the rest of you, here are some amusing photos from tour.

This is evidence of studious reading:


Here’s what an audience looks like when you’re giving a presentation. In no way intimidating!

This is one I took for my upcoming Tumblr, IndieBookstoreBathrooms:

It’s always great to see Midnighters tattoos:

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare were also on tour at the same time, so they left me and Justine friendly notes in various bookstores:

It’s always cool seeing one’s name in lights.

Unlike the cake, the shortbread is not a lie.

And in St. Louis, I got to be in my own covers. AT LAST.

Anyway, that’s a mere fraction of all the cool stuff that happened. Thanks to everyone who came out to buy books and laugh at my jokes. You are all wonderful.

6 thoughts on “Still on Tour

  1. Oh, this makes me so excited for next weekend! I can’t wait to see you at the Austin Teen Book Fair! 😀

  2. JUST finished AFTERWORLDS!! My husband asked, ‘Are you done?’… NO, the book ended, but I’m NOT done!! Enjoyed it (them!!) so much :). Will be waiting for the sequel =o! And using that time to read other YA, including Uglies and Pretties, which are still regularly checked out from the H.S. Library that I work in.

  3. That all looks like so much fun! It’s too bad I don’t live near any of the tour destinations, maybe next time.

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