Uglies Movie/Picture Book

Haven’t been on here much, but I’ve got two bits of news!

1) After various delays due to the SAG/WGA strikes, the Uglies movie is back on Netflix’s schedule for 2024. No release date yet, but don’t worry, this thing is real!

Here’s a write-up about the movie if you need catching up.

2) The cover for my first children’s book, “Before You Were Here,” is finalized at last. The amazing Jessica Lanan did the artwork for the book, and it’s fantastic!

“Before You Were Here” is an I-love-you book for young children wondering where they came from, explaining how a bunch of water, energy, and minerals turned into . . . a person!

It’s cool science to help kids feel connected to the universe around them.

From @MacKidsBooks, Sep 10, 2024.
You can pre-order it here.

2 thoughts on “Uglies Movie/Picture Book

  1. (blast from the probably very forgotten past!) No idea the last time I commented here (idk 15 years ago?!), but I am stoked for the movie and doubly so because I’m now a librarian whose teen book club just picked Uglies as their summer title. They told me my signed copies from junior high are “probably worth a lot of money now”! Dunno about that, but I look forward to talking about the book with them (and maybe the movie, depending on when its release date lands)!

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