Uglies Move: Closer!

To get a reminder when it’s out:

1. Log onto Netflix.
2. Search on “Uglies.” (Or just click here).
3. Select the Uglies thumbnail.
4. Click on Remind Me!

If there’s a like button in your country, click that too. Maybe we can convince them to move the release date up!

2 thoughts on “Uglies Move: Closer!

  1. Hi Mr. Westerfeld!

    I just wanted to let you know I have been a fan since I first picked up Uglies in 2005. I was ten years old and loved to read. So much so that I’d beg my mom to bring me to Borders (rip) on the weekends and I would plop down between the bookshelves reading for hours like it was my own personal library. I do hold a little bit of guilt that maybe that helped put them out of business, but I digress! I remember the day I stumbled upon your books. It was the first time I learned books even came in a series. It changed reading for me, it meant I could postpone that end-of-book-sadness because the story continued. I got both Uglies and Pretties and blew through them in 5 days. I stayed up all night reading. I was fully immersed in Tally’s world, telling my parents to stop being so brain-missing, calling my sister a bubblehead. I waited patiently for each of the other two books and got them the minute they were in stock at my bookstore. When I finished Extras I was distraught. It was the most wonderful reading experience I’d ever had and then it was over. Since then I have read hundreds of books. I have an insane collection my husband calls me a book hoarder. They’re my trophies! But absolutely none sparkle like the Uglies series does. Seventeen years later and I found myself in an endless cycle of solo books, and I wondered if maybe I should find a series to read. I thought about re-reading Uglies but my husband asked if you’ve published any other books since then. Duh. Why did I never think of that?? I knew I married him for a reason! The genuine shock I experienced discovering that not only you did write lots more books, but you continued the series. My jaw was on the floor. And I wouldn’t have to wait for any of them- they were all available right now for me to snatch up. And I did right then. This was about a week ago and as I’m writing this I just slipped my bookmark into the 185th page of Youngbloods. It hit me that this was really it, that there wasn’t another after this one, so I felt I needed to pour my love of this series into this comment. It has been such a joy to be in this universe again, and this reading experience is truly a full circle moment for me as a reader. So I just want to say thank you, from both my 10 year old self and 29 year old self. And I CANNOT wait for the movie. The smoke lives!

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