Leviathan Anime

Coming in 2025 from Netflix, the Leviathan trilogy will be an anime series!

I answer a few questions below.

The trilogy? They’re doing all three books?

Yep. They committed at the start to do the whole story. It’s all coming out in 2025.

Who’s involved?

Orange, best known for Beastars. The composers are Nobuko Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi, with some songs by Joe Hisaishi.

How close is it to the books’ original vision?

The books’ illustrator, Keith Thompson, was brought onto the team at the start. The producers love him and his work. We wouldn’t have done it without him.

Were you involved?

Very! I was sent the scripts, the designs, the episodes as they came together. It’s mostly super faithful! (And it’s really cool when it varies from the books.)

2025? How are we suppose to wait a year?

I’ve been waiting three years! Click here to set a reminder button!

2 thoughts on “Leviathan Anime

  1. I was at a Ren Fair campground when I saw The news and I was so excited. I was pacing on circles because there was nobody there who would know what I was talking about. I am so excited you have no idea. This is my favorite set of books. I never would have guessed that I get to see a whole new version of them.

  2. Not gonna lie, my wife came downstairs to find me laying face down on the floor screaming from joy when I found out about this! When I told her what was up, I swear I have never seen her so excited in the nearly 12 years I’ve known her. We had just been talking a few days prior about how freaking cool it would be to have a Leviathan anime!

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