Australian Tour!

I’ve finished my Australian tour for Shatter City, but you can find plenty of signed books in my wake!

In Sydney, ask at Kinokuniya.

In Melbourne, I left signed books at Readings Hawthorn, Dymocks Melbourne, and all three Avenue Bookstores.

In Brisbane, check out the Dymocks on Albert Street, Dymocks Indooroopilly, Dymocks Chermside, Riverbend Books, and QBD Books in Brisbane City.

Sorry if I missed you.

Thanks, Australia! It was fun!

Impostors Story

This is a short story set in the extended Uglies universe. It’s from the POV of Rafi, Frey’s sister in Impostors. This story takes place about six years before the time period of the novel, when the two girls are nine.

If you haven’t read Impostors, some quick background: Frey and Rafi are identical twins, but only Rafi is known to the public. Frey was created as a body double, bait for kidnappers and assassins who would strike at Rafia, the first daughter of Shreve. Their father has many enemies.

They have only each other.

Rafia of Shreve

My etiquette tutor is annoyed with me.

Sensei Noriko would never say so out loud, but I can see it in her pursed lips. In her crisp instructions to repeat my moves again and again. In her reminders that the First Family Ball is next week, and that Dad expects me to be as perfect a hostess as my mother would’ve been.

The best daughter.

“Straighten your back,” Noriko says. “This is a curtsy, Rafia, not a bow.”

I learned how to bow last month—in case business ever takes us to Japan.

“Just a respectful nod,” she says. “As if speaking to your father.”

My stomach twists. When Daddy’s in the room, I always stare at the floor. Not out of respect.

I force his image from my mind.

Concentrate. Be the best.

This is how you curtsy: Slide your right foot back. Shift your weight onto your left.

Take the corners of your dress between the thumb and first two fingers of each hand. Pull your dress wider, like gently opening a fan.

“Pinkies out,” Norika murmurs, even though mine are already.

Nod your head. Bend your knees outward, but keep your back straight.

All of it at the same time. Gracefully, like asking someone to dance. When I come back up, my best smile is on my lips.

Everyone loves my smile.

But Sensei Noriko still isn’t happy.

“A curtsy shows courtesy,” she says. “The way you move shows something else.”

I sigh. “How bored I am, maybe? We’ve done this a thousand times!”

Noriko doesn’t answer at first. She steps closer, scanning my posture. Then she reaches out and flattens one palm on my stomach, like a doctor trying to sense something beneath the surface of the skin.

The twist in my stomach flinches a little.

Her eyes soften. “You move with anger, Rafia.”

I leave the lesson early.

On the way back to my room, my fists stay clenched until I cross the red line painted on the floor. Only in the secure area can I let go.

Daddy has enemies. The people who killed my mother, who stole my older brother before I was born. Here inside the red line is where I feel safest.

It’s also where both halves of me slide back together with a click.

When I open the door to our room, my twin sister looks up at me, a little surprised. She’s toweling her hair dry. Her skin is flushed with exertion, her eyes bright. Her knuckles look raw—combat training.

She smiles at me. It’s such a waste. Frey has a beautiful smile, and no one ever sees it.

“You’re back early.”

“Obviously.” I fall backwards onto my bed.

Frey sits down beside me. “What’s up, big sister?”

“Just Noriko. She was being a pain today.”

Frey has to think for a second. She’s never met most of my tutors.

“She teaches you etiquette?”

I nod. “She says I don’t curtsy right.”

Frey laughs, like someone who’s never had to be a perfect hostess. Who’s never had to smile at people she doesn’t like. She laughs like someone free, even if she’s trapped here inside the red line.

“That’s silly, Rafi.” She leans back beside me on the bed. “You do all that stuff right.”

I love praise from my sister, but you move with anger still rings in my ears.

It was mean of Noriko to see inside me like that.

I can’t tell Frey why I’m really upset. I have to protect her, like she protects me.

While I’m learning how to bow and dance and be polite all day, Frey is learning how to fight. How to shield me with her body. How to kill for me if she has to.

She’s my guardian, my body double.

Frey is my anger, my violence. I’m not allowed to have my own.

It isn’t fair. All that time I spend with language tutors, dancing masters, etiquette tutors, I’m squishing my feelings down into my stomach—while Frey is swinging her fists.

She jumps up and tugs on the sides of her sweatpants so they look like jodhpurs. Does a little bow.

“This is a curtsy, right?”

I have to laugh. “That’s terrible!”

“Then show me. I’ll have to learn eventually.”

It scares me that someday soon, Frey will start taking my place. When I start going out in public, she’ll be bait for snipers, kidnappers, bombs.

She’ll have to know the basics of being a first daughter. Whose hand to shake. Who to ignore. How to wave to a crowd.

It helps settle the fear in me, when I teach her stiff I’ve learned. Frey’s terrible with words and manners, but she can imitate any movement in a flash. She thinks with her body. Her muscles, her fists.

I hold out my hands. “Okay. I’ll show you.”

She pulls me up from the bed, like I weigh nothing. We face each other, her in sweats, me in my formals.

“Feet in third position,” I say.

“That’s ballet-talk, right?”

I roll my eyes and show her. She becomes a scruffy mirror image of me.

Only one tiny thing is wrong—her pinkies are stiff. Like they’re broken, in tiny splints.

“Relax your hands.”

Frey tries, but her hands are never relaxed, never still—they always want to grab, to strike. Our hands are so different.

She always laughs at me when I make a fist.

Thumb on the outside! You wanna break it?

No. But most days I do want to punch someone.

Frey’s first curtsy is graceful. In a feline way, measured and dangerous. No anger in her movements.

“Is this right?”

I shake my head—it isn’t fair. She’s the trained fighter. But I’m the one who wants to kill.

Frey tries again, and a low growl runs through me. This is so easy for her.

“What am I doing wrong?” she asks.

“You have to be more . . . respectful.”

She looks confused. Then straightens and bows from the waist, much lower than Noriko has ever taught me to.

“This is respectful, right?”

I can only nod.

This must be the bow Frey gives her trainers. All at once, I see what’s missing in my curtsy. Frey feels something for her tutors that I never have.

And suddenly I’m angry at her for being twenty-seven minutes younger. For getting to punch things. For living here inside the red line, away from our father.

And I’m mad at Noriko for putting her hand on my stomach, for feeling the anger in me. I want to punish her for that.

“You should take my next lesson,” I say.

Frey’s eyes widen. “Pretend to be you? Dona would kill us.”

“She won’t find out. No one can tell us apart.”

“In a crowd, maybe. But one on one?”

“One day you’ll have to fool everyone, Frey—my friends, Dad’s business partners, a million people watching on the feeds!”

She shakes her head, stepping back into the corner.

This is how it always is. I’m the one who makes my little sister break the rules. Like when we sneak out of the secure area and pretend to be adventurers in a dungeon full of monsters, making sure no one sees us together.

“Aren’t you tired of hiding?” I ask.

Frey just stares at me. She doesn’t know what hiding is, like a worm doesn’t know what dirt is.

I switch to pleading. “I’ll never get this stupid curtsy right. But I bet you will. Then you can teach me!”

Thoughts flit across her face. She wants to help. To protect me, like she was born to do. But she doesn’t want to get me into trouble.

“What if your teacher figures it out?”

“How? Noriko doesn’t even know you exist! If she looks at you funny, just say you feel sick and leave.”

Frey stares at me. She’s not allowed to walk out of lessons whenever she wants.

I take her shoulders. Dig my fingers in.

“Do this for your big sis, please?”

I’m going to get my way. But Frey has one last argument to make.

“Donna said if anyone sees us together, they’ll get in trouble too.”

That’s the whole point, little sister.

No one sees through me.

“We won’t be together, Frey. And Noriko won’t figure you out.” I let go of her and turn away. “But if you’re not up to it . . . ”

The window is a few steps from me. It’s late afternoon, and the shadow of our father’s tower spills out across the gardens, almost to the forest.

“Okay. I guess.” Her voice is small.

I smile, but my stomach twists tighter. I want to hurt Noriko, not Frey. I want to hurt me. I want Daddy’s secret spilled into the world, just a little. I want to hurt him most of all.

As I turn to hug my twin sister, I move with anger.

Shatter City Tour!

The US tour for SHATTER CITY, book 2 in the new Uglies series, is mostly over. See below for the last two events.

HOWEVER, I left MANY SIGNED BOOKS in my wake, both new and original Uglies. You can order from the stores below by mail—or get them in person.

ALSO, in November I’m coming to AUSTRALIA. Get ready, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane!

RJ Julia
Madison CT

Boswell Books
Milwaukee MN

Anderson’s Booksellers
Naperville IL

Joseph Beth Booksellers
Cincinnati OH

Manasquan NJ

Here are the last two dates of the US tour:

New York Comic Con
Javits Convention Center

Tickets required!
Thu and Sat, Oct 3 & 5
See my Appearances Page for details

Naperville, IL
Anderson’s 16th Annual YA Literature Conference

Embassy Suites Naperville
1823 Abriter Ct, Naperville, IL 60563
Sat, Oct 19
I’ll be the keynote speaker here. Tickets required!

Sorry if I didn’t come to your city, hamlet, or burg. Maybe next year or the next. There will be four books in the new Uglies series, and I’ll be touring for the others as well!

Follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss the next tour!

Order Shatter City!

SHATTER CITY, book 2 in the new UGLIES quartet, is out now!
Below are all the buy buttons.
(That’s the UK cover on the right.)

“Frey’s journey to self-discovery takes the forefront, and it’s hard-won, thoughtful, and complex. Readers will jones for the next installment, eager to witness their heroine take on more thrilling adventures…Page-turning action made even more engrossing by a rare emotional core.” —Kirkus

Order the new UGLIES quartet (in their new covers) here.

Four New Uglies Novels

I am returning to the world of Uglies with four new novels. The first three are OUT NOW.

You can buy them in physical bookstores or order them online here.

Perhaps you have some questions?

More of a comment than a question . . .


. . . watching that trailer, I thought it was a TV show or a movie!

Lol. Got you.

These are books. Four novels. We still like novels, right?

Sure. But will there be a movie?

Today’s news is about FOUR NEW NOVELS.

Okay. Are you writing them?

Of course!

I know, I’ve been doing collaborations to stretch myself lately—the Spill Zone graphic novels with Alex (read them online!) and the Zeroes series with Margo and Deb—but this is a solo project.

Where are these books set? Same world? Same time frame?

They take place in the Uglies future, after Tally’s revolution has changed everything. As she once said, “Freedom has a way of destroying things.” The Imposters series is about dealing with the consequences of ending the Pretty Regime. The story starts in a city where things did not work out well. Bad people are in charge.


Correct. But we also will travel to other cities where things aren’t all bad. This new series is about all the expressions of human nature that’ve popped up after more than ten years of social upheaval.

More than ten years! Is Tally in these books? (Wouldn’t she be, like, super old?)

Lol. She’s, like, THIRTY.

Yes, she is a character in the world. But she’s not a point-of-view character (in the first book, anyway). She’s more like a famous person in the background.

What’s Impostors about then?

A girl named Frey, who’s been raised from birth to pretend to be someone else. She’s a body double. A bodyguard. An impostor!

It’s about the roles that our parents and society force upon us, and how we fight to create our own identities, to invent selves that really belongs to us.

Is that Frey in the trailer?

Not really. This was more of a “Remember Uglies? There’s more!” reveal. There will be another trailer this summer that goes into the plot and characters of Impostors.

Where’s the cover?

Coming soon. It’s lovely.



Also lots of other cool new tech, never seen before in the Uglies universe.


Spy dust, suborbitals, lupine surgery, cyranos.

What do those words mean???

Read the book.

Why did you go back to the Uglies world after all this time?

The real world was, like, “Dude. Even stable-seeming democracies are built on seriously rickety underpinnings. Do you really think a bunch of recently awoken bubbleheads are going to make good choices?”

And I was, like, “Dude . . . ”


Yeah. Also I had a bunch of science fictional ideas kicking around in my head, and once I came up with Frey’s story, they all started to click.

But you said four books. What are the other three about?

This series mostly follow the adventures of Frey. But later on in the series, Tally (and some other familiar characters) will play a bigger role. The new Uglies world will get bigger and bigger.

There will be one book a year. A book every September till 2021!

Important question here: Is there any romance in Impostors?

There is! But the Love Interest doesn’t know who Frey really is, of course, because she’s an impostor—like in the title! So everything is very tricky, and also our pair are from different sides politically.

Hang on. A guy doesn’t really know who the heroine really is, and they’re on opposite sides? Isn’t that kind of like Leviathan?

Um, Frey isn’t pretending to be a boy. But yes, I do like to play with hidden identities and complicated politics and secrets. Romeo and Juliet is a Thing for a Reason!

Also, unlike with Alek and Deryn, this guy won’t take three frickin’ books to figure it out.



Wait. You’re writing both sides of this dialog. So this is just you laughing at your own joke.

I slay me.

Any other questions about Impostors?

Why isn’t it call Cakes?

It’s true. “Pretty” is the last word in Uglies, “special” is the last word in Pretties, “ugly” is the last word in Specials, and “cake” is the last word in Extras. So it should be called Cakes.

But the cake is a lie.

Why do you keep spelling it “Impostors” instead of “Imposters”?

Because an “imposter” is someone who works in an impost office. DO YOU WANT TO READ YA BOOKS ABOUT CUSTOMS OFFICIALS? (If you do, there’s probably fan fic.)

Okay. One last question . . . um, IS there ever going to an Uglies movie or TV show?


I mean, who knows with Hollywood? But maybe if Impostors is a HUGE bestseller . . .

If you have any more questions, put them in the comments below.

Spill Zone Fan Art Contest

It’s one year since my graphic novel, Spill Zone, launched as a web comic! To mark this occasion, my publishers are having a fan art contest.

Note: If you haven’t read Spill Zone yet, you can buy it now or read the whole thing online!

The winner gets:
a signed and personalized copy;
a signed Spill Zone phone case with a variant cover design;
an exclusive Spill Zone art print;
the chance for their art to be featured at and in the official :01 First Second Books fan newsletter.

To enter, just follow :01firstsecond on instagram, and use #SpillZoneFanArtContest when you post your art. Contest ends Oct 31, 2017, aka HALLOWEEN.

We’ll post the five finalists at for a short voting period, after which we’ll have something even more exciting to announce!

For rule clarifications and legalese, click here.

Horizon 2 and NYCC

Hey, all! Two things: a new Horizon book and me at New York Comic Con!

The second book in my Horizon series just came out! This is a multi-author series, and book 2 is by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It’s called DEADZONE. You can get it in bookstores, libraries, and at Scholastic Book Clubs and Fairs.

Jennifer will be on tour in Provo UT, St. Charles MO, and La Grange, IL. Click here for details on those events.

And click here for the buzz on the Horizon series and book 1.

Here’s the cover, featuring everyone’s fave brooding loner, Yoshi!

Also, I’ll be at New York Comic Con, which takes place October 5-8. Two panels, a giveaway, and a signing!

Thursday, October 5th
2:30pm – 3:30pm
First Second Booth at NYCC

Comes pick up the Spill Zone Free Comic Books Day comic (200 copies!).
I won’t be there, but free stuff will be!

Advice to Young Writers and Illustrators
Sunday, October 8
10:45am – 11:45 AM
Room 1B03

Are you an aspiring writer and/or illustrator? This is the panel for you. Come listen to four great comics creators talk about how they got their start in the industry and give advice from their years of experience.
Kelly (Moderator), Nick Abadzis, Nidhi Chanani, Scott Westerfeld, Emily Carroll.

SIGNING / Scott Westerfeld
Sunday, October 8
12:00pm – 1:00pm
First Second Booth at NYCC

Come get things signed by me! There will be Spill Zones on sale, but bring anything!

Ready for Adventure? Action-(and Romance-)Packed YA Comics
Sunday, October 8
3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Room 1A05

An exclusive look at new teen and all-ages titles—swashbuckling, world-traveling, magical and action-packed adventure comics! Romance and adventure await!
Patricia Lyfoung (Scarlet Rose), Scott Westerfeld (Spill Zone), Nidhi Chanani (Pashmina), and Valerie Vernay (Water Memory) and Ngozi Ukazu (Check, Please!). Moderated by Adam Kullbert.

Hope to see you in NYC!