Leviathan Anime

Coming in 2025 from Netflix, the Leviathan trilogy will be an anime series!

I answer a few questions below.

The trilogy? They’re doing all three books?

Yep. They committed at the start to do the whole story. It’s all coming out in 2025.

Who’s involved?

Orange, best known for Beastars. The composers are Nobuko Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi, with some songs by Joe Hisaishi.

How close is it to the books’ original vision?

The books’ illustrator, Keith Thompson, was brought onto the team at the start. The producers love him and his work. We wouldn’t have done it without him.

Were you involved?

Very! I was sent the scripts, the designs, the episodes as they came together. It’s mostly super faithful! (And it’s really cool when it varies from the books.)

2025? How are we suppose to wait a year?

I’ve been waiting three years! Click here to set a reminder button!

Uglies Movie/Picture Book

Haven’t been on here much, but I’ve got two bits of news!

1) After various delays due to the SAG/WGA strikes, the Uglies movie is back on Netflix’s schedule for 2024. No release date yet, but don’t worry, this thing is real!

Here’s a write-up about the movie if you need catching up.

2) The cover for my first children’s book, “Before You Were Here,” is finalized at last. The amazing Jessica Lanan did the artwork for the book, and it’s fantastic!

“Before You Were Here” is an I-love-you book for young children wondering where they came from, explaining how a bunch of water, energy, and minerals turned into . . . a person!

It’s cool science to help kids feel connected to the universe around them.

From @MacKidsBooks, Sep 10, 2024.
You can pre-order it here.

Youngbloods Is Out Now

The final book in the new Uglies series, YOUNGBLOODS, is out now. As the title suggests, it marks the return of Tally Youngblood.

Buy it at your local bookstore, or click here.

From the flap copy:

Frey has spent her life in a family of deceivers, a stand-in for her sister, manipulated at her father’s command. Free from them at last, she is finding her own voice—and using it to question everything her family stood for.

Tally was once the most famous rebel in the world. But for over a decade, she’s kept to the shadows, allowing her myth to grow. Now she sees that the revolution she led has not created a stable world. Freedom, she observes, has a way of destroying things.

As the world is propelled further into conflict and conspiracy, Frey and Tally join forces to put a check on the people in power, while trying to understand the limits of their own.

With YOUNGBLOODS, Scott Westerfeld brings back his most iconic character and merges the IMPOSTORS and UGLIES series into a breathtaking tale of rivalry, rebellion, and repercussion.

New Impostors Covers

Hey, all! We have some cool news about the Impostors series covers and the Uglies Netflix movie.

First, check out these three new covers by artist Aykut Aydogdu. They are truly beautiful, and perfectly capture the surreal identity issues of the series:

Click to zoom.

Aykut also did the cover for the final book in the series, TITLE REDACTED. It’s the best of the four covers. But you can’t see it yet!

And down here is a Zoom interview with me, talking about the covers and spilling some news about the Uglies movie. Watch to the end to learn how to WIN a free copy of all three books!