So. Very. Tired.

Woke up at 8AM Thursday in New York. It is now 10PM Saturday in Sydney. That’s 46 hours in my personal time frame, almost half of which was spent in an economy-class airplane seat. So very tired, but must stay awake another hour . . .

Thursday lasted a really long time, about 32 hours, because we were flying west the whole evening. But moments after Friday finally caught up with us, Justine and I slipped across the International Dateline, straight into Saturday morning. Hah! Take that, Friday!

Wait . . . I like Fridays. Well, at least Justine avoided most of the Eleventh of November, an evil day in Australian history.

We arrived tired, smelly, and homeless, and immediately drove around with her parents looking at apartments. Saw some incredible harbour views, but comprehended nothing. Water pretty.

Back when we were leaving Manhattan, I looked back at the skyline and said, “It’s so beautiful at sundown.” It was 3:45 in the afternoon, and the sun was sinking.

But here the sky was still light at 8PM, and it’s 20 degrees at night. Those are metric degrees, which means it’s 70F . . .

Okay, I’m just babbling. Sleep now.

2 thoughts on “So. Very. Tired.

  1. Hello. *grin* I’m the first comment on this post. How cool.

    I just recently (as in two weeks ago) started reading your stuff (started with Uglies, then Pretties, So Yesterday, and Peeps, and am now starting Midnighters) and I love it. It’s awesome. I especially like the product placement coverups in So Yesterday. *giggles about Popular Salutation Kitten*

    Australia. How freaking awesome. I live in Florida, so I can relate with the weather. It’s been in the 80’s for weeks.

    The 11th of November thing is really interesting and complicated-sounding.

    Enjoy Australia, and I’m -really- interested in Specials. *wants it now*

  2. mee too – I need sleep – do you think working 19hours straight then going back to work 5 hours later is a good thing …..

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