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Recently on Morgan’s Midnighters fan site, I came across this awesome bit of fan art by Brianne K. It’s a sort of manga-esque version of Midnighters, my trilogy about the adventures of a disfunctional gang of Oklahoma goths in a small town where time freezes every midnight. (How’s that for a pitch?)

I love that the comic is written from Dess’s point of view, because she’s my favorite character. It’s also cool that Brianne doesn’t follow the book’s storyline—she’s just having fun with the characters. Her visualization of Melissa is great, especially that Mona Lisa smile on page 2. That’s Melissa and Rex above, in case you haven’t read the series.

The only drawback of the comic is that it’s only two pages long! But maybe if you click below to read the whole thing, and leave suitably rapturous comments right here, we can convince Brianne to do MORE. (The power of fanfic compels you! The power of fanfic compels you!)

page 1

page 2

And don’t forget to check out all the other cool stuff at Morgan’s site.

25 thoughts on “Midnighters Comics

  1. Wow, that’s really cool. If there were more pages, I would have definitely kept reading. Of course, being based on good source material is a distinct advantage, but the artistry is compelling and does a fine job telling the story visually.

    I demand more!

  2. I have tons of friends who do great comics like that, especially during class. And Scott, why is Dess your favorite character? Enlighten us.

  3. I dunno which is cooler – the art, the fact that they actually went to the real Bixby High to score some t-shirts or the fact that you, Scott, are so danged unselfishly supportive of your fans’ work and not going all RIAA on them. It’s a “blue light” special trifecta, I guess. 😀

  4. That’s awesome! I think it would be cool too if Scott were to crosspost her comics on his Midnighters page.

    I’m currently having a hard time keeping my eyes open having stayed up til 2AM finishing off part 2. Now I’m bummed because I have to wait two months for the final installment…

  5. Hi! I’m an aspiring author in high school (12th grade) and big fan of Holly Black, an author who’s a fan of your work ( http://www.livejournal.com/users/blackholly ), and I also really love the Midnighters!

    Rex is my favorite character, I pictured his appearance so clearly in my mind and he looked so f*@’n cool! When I thought about his personality, I had a very vague impression of Clow Reed from Cardcaptors (an anime).

    Some of your characters reminded me a little bit of characters I’ve seen on T.V. Particularly Melissa, who made me think of Rouge from X-men Evolution. Rouge is also unable to touch anyone with out absorbing their thoughts and has the same attitude towards humans as Melissa.

    Reading the Midnighters was an interesting and inspiring experience for me. I know it was just a trilogy, but I hope to see more Midnighters advantures in the future.

  6. the power of fanfic compells me! HEHE i luv it im sending this to my friend Faith she LOVES Dess! (not that i dont:P, cuz i do, ya)

  7. Its true, a lot of seers and psychics, can relate to melissa, especially the young ones. And thank you Scott for not over exagerating melissa’s abilities. I hate when I see movies and read books on people with ‘gifts’ when they make them completely corny and immature. Rock on Midnighter’s.

  8. Yay Dess is my favorite character, too. She’s probably the one readers relate to most. At least she’s the one I relate to most. And she’s not angsty, which is charming. ..Not that angsty is bad.. *realizes she’s posting this for The Author to read*

    I love the comic, by the way! The style’s wonderful. And I love the characterization, with Jonathan eating voraciously and Jessica jumping up and down at the end of the day. The “Mona Lisa” smile is indeed very perfect.

  9. Good idea, John H. I will definitely find a permanent place for these pages over at the proper Midnighters section. (And hopefully there will be more.)

    One of the reasons I like Dess is that she’s the easiest to write—it’s like her brain is melded into mine. I often sit around scratching my head and thinking, “How would Melissa/Rex/Whoever react to this?” But with Dess it’s, like, automatic. Also, she’s more upbeat than the others, and her brain’s always darting around to interesting stuff. (Sort of like Hunter’s in SO YESTERDAY.)

  10. WOW i loved these book too!! the comic was great, and so was the whole web site. i just LOVE sci-fi!!!well…um thats all. *akward silence*. um, bye?

  11. hey totally off the subject of books. have any of you guys heard of the band Relient K? i was just seeing how many people knew them. yup.

  12. ya i’ve heard of them, i like the song “Falling Out”:) Do u noe the band Story Of The Year? (oh and sry scott to this little abuse to ur blog, id like to help by saying MIDNIGHTERS WILL RULE THE WORLD! howz that?)

  13. WOW!!!!!!!!! That’s so extraordinarily fantastic. Not only is it a very well done comic (I love the bleed-over of midnight encroaching on the other squares) but it’s about YOUR writing! Someone just.. took it upon themselves to illustrate your work. I love it! Speaking as a person with absolutely no visual artistic ability whatsoever, I am very, very impressed. That’s so cool.

    And envious. I want one…

  14. ok for no reason i re-read pretties. now im totally freaked out about zane and david with tally. scott make specials come out faster, im begging you, please. i need to know. (im not sounding mean am i? i dont mean to if i am)

  15. So, I was looking around at my public librairy over the summer (yeah, I know it’s lame, but I was having marching band withdrawl) I saw this book called the “Midnighters.” It looked interesting so I checked out the first volume. I read it and LOVED IT! I went back as soon as I could to read the second and IT WASN’T THERE ANYMORE! I was oober pissed. Finally, an entire semster of school later, I found it. The second book. I wasn’t sure if the third was out, so I Googled your name Scott, and ooh, the agony. I have to wait three months for my mind to be at ease again. (well, I mean, I can wait, I’m not that much of a dork)

  16. By the way, that comic thing was excellent. I mean, it’s very creative and there for sure should be more of it for all to read and enjoy. I wish I could draw.

  17. That’s awesome! I’m on drumline too! Snaredrum. We only have three but it’s all girls. We way out hardcore the guys. But anyway, thank you. That is reasuring.

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