Darkling-Slaying Crop Circle

On the vast Midnighters spoiler comment thread, someone was asking what a tridecagram (a 13-pointed darkling-slaying star) looked like. So I was poking around on Google and discovered this:

That’s a thirteen-pointed crop circle! That’s right, even aliens are into darkling protection. (Aliens with lots of spare time, anyway.)

Here are some more crop circles, including the one above. They’re really quite beautiful. And frankly, they’re a lot cooler if mischevious humans make them by stomping around with compasses than if aliens whip them into existence with their stalk-cracking ion drives.

Or maybe midnighters make them, under the strict instructions of polymaths.

That would explain why they just appear in the middle of the night, after all.

69 thoughts on “Darkling-Slaying Crop Circle

  1. yeah so whats new i haven’t been on in a while any word on the necklaces? Oh and i counted 217 messages on the spoiler bord

  2. omg, i will go check that right after this, not too much, i have found no news about the necklaces, although i am emailing the site that Scott gave the link to on the board about uglies on tv, and im going to see if they will post 13 pointed stars, and possibly how to make them and stuff, so hopefully we will have something pretty soon!

  3. yea that’s funny. I guess that there must be some aliens that have made it into the secret hour.

  4. dude caveo that is a cool sight this could help us with how is Jessica going to travel in the blue time. dude that is really sweet.

  5. I just thought of this reading everyones reply, the moon moves in the blue time right? So wouldnt the scientists figured out that there is 25 hours in a day? that the moon wouldn’t complete its cycle in 24 hours??? also i love the first book i cant wait to read the second one!!!!!

  6. well the moon moves diffrently it goes all the way around the world in the 1 hour of blue time so I guess they wouldn’t notice. Or is it a different moon? considering this one is blue or is that just because of the rest of the blue things or is the blue moon the source of all the blue light?

  7. Whoa… that is kinda deep. but it is true you are right the moon does go different speeds. but what is the source of the blue light???… and when does the 3rd book blue noon come out??

  8. i am responding to the thirteen pointed crop circle go to the web site and look at Fig. 3.16 14-pointed star, Roundway, Wiltshire, 31 July 1999. 14 points!!!! i just thought you should know…

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