San Francisco Appearances

The first one’s Tuesday night at 7PM, Borderlands bookstore, which is at 866 Valencia St, San Francisco.

And the next night:

My picture is grumpy, but Justine’s is happy.

Go here for the rest of the tour.

We are going to the airport NOW!

31 thoughts on “San Francisco Appearances

  1. I would be there if I could, but I’ve already got a commitment for tuesday night. I’ll also probably have a ton of homework to complete, also.

  2. I just got your book midnighters 3 blue moon and it took 3 hours 23 minutes and i kicked everyone out of the bathroom to read it. i have 10 peoplein a 4 bedroom house so it gets loud. great book love them all you are the BEST Writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wouldn’t call it grumpy…I’d call it your own personal pose for the Pretties cover. ;^)

    Hope the event is a smash hit!

  4. My mom is going to take me! Score! Anyway, I agree with Barry. The picture’s not so much grumpy as deep and disturbed. I don’t know if that’s any better.

  5. I’m going around the world too *Gets toy Globe and sits it on stool then runs in circle around it*

  6. well disturberd isn’t any better that grumpy, but i cant make it either, i have church. but, not in a mean way, why do you read in the bathroom? i read in my bed room somtimes when i am taking a bath, but not very often. i was just wondering, b/c my cousin read in the bathroom too, and he never told me why.

  7. awww…Scott you never have book signings near where i live, but oh wells life is not fair…haha! I’m a little crazy today…

  8. i would come and i want to Really bad but i live on the other side of the country. (sniff sniff)

  9. What is Shkv00t!? Anyway, the bathroom is the one place you won’t be disturbed. I read, write, and watch movies in the bathroom. Of course, I have a big bathreoom. I’m not weird, btw. I just like my peace, and if someone asks you why you’re taking so long, just groan and make weird noises with your mouth.

  10. Wish I was there.

    In the meantime, have you heard Pretty the World by Matt Nathanson? I’m thinking it needs to be on the soundtrack for the Tally movie, should the books ever be made into a film. Which obviously it will be, after The Midnighters is made into a successful TV show. If and when this happens, please TELL ME. I’ll be Tally, I’ll be the script consultant, I’ll be the continuity advisor, I’ll pretty much be whatever girl Friday is needed.

  11. I am an actress, i will be in anything about uglies or midnighters! even if its not a lead role. But my 3 favorite roles would be dess, jessica, and tally, and possible shea. sorry, didnt mean to turn ur blog into a billboard scott, but when the opportunity comes, u have to take it, lol ^.^

  12. I like your original better than Shoot, Bailey. Very funny, though. My family thinks it’s weird when I read in the bathroom. Or watch movies. Or just do anything, really…
    I want to be Tally, but I’d also be okay with one of the Specials. Although I’m not very old. No, silly-billy, I’m not gonna tell you my age.

  13. Hi thar, Sir Scotts a lot. I’m from NJ and I really love your books (reading through them like a wild fire right now, finished Uglies, Pretties, and Peeps, working on Midnighters), and seeing how you actually go on tours (gasp), I was wondering if you had ever considered visiting Philadelphia. New York is close, but for a student such as I, it’s hard to access. Just try to consider it. It is a large city, many people, many readers, many oppertunities. I will bake you a cake if you do it.

  14. I know this is out of subject on your image,which isn’t that bad,you don’t look that grumpy…Well on the covers of Uglies,Pretties,and Special are those all Tally.Or is the Last one Shay??

  15. are you gonna go on tour in MI? It’s actually sorta warm now…………… you wouldn’t free to death………….do you have someplace you could post your book tour? That’d be nice………….

  16. oh, ok thx! and ur pic makes you seem more real instead of pretending to smile and really thinking death wishes like most people durring picture day……

  17. I’m flattered by your pleas for me to come to your towns. Maybe some day I’ll do a real tour, with lots of stops. This was just me and Justine making a few visits while on our way to Bologna for a book fair. (Going the long way, sort of, but there is no short way.)

    Well on the covers of Uglies,Pretties,and Special are those all Tally.Or is the Last one Shay??

    I think that UGLIES shows Tally, and PRETTIES shows Zane and Shay. But I leave it to your imagination.

    And yes: Woohoo for neighborhood bookstores.

  18. You should come to Albuquerque New Mexico!Yeah Right!!!!THe middle of the desert Hurray!Sounds like fun huh??!?And as for roles in your movies or shows how fun!I’m only barely in the teens though and thanks to growing up Acne!they have computers for removing imperfections!!!man i sound really creepy, ohh well.Submit comment!

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