Those of you who follow Justine’s blog have already seen this, but I had to use it too. It captures Justine and I during our SCBWI appearance in Bologna.

Philip Stanton is an illustrator, and takes his notes in sketch format. For some reason, I love the arrow pointing to me that says, “From Texas.”

But, yo, my nose isn’t really that big. I’m just saying.

Another intriguing bit of student work from Bologna are these notes about my “slanguage” presentation. I was talking about teen vernacular and slang and language in general, and Candy manages to make me sound coherent.

Maybe from now I’ll just rant and have people write it down. It would be way cool if that worked with novels . . .

11 thoughts on “Slanguage

  1. lol gwenda. Yea, scott that was brilliant! I read the whole thing, and it makes total sense. I think that it takes a total genius to come up with that, and to be able to give a speech about it! man that is hard. But one question, wont people steal this form of making slang and possibly take away ur buisness? i think this because its kind of like a fad, if one person comes up with a science to prove that a kind of pants will be “cool”, then everyone begins to use that science, and it is no longer “cool” to have “cool pants”…does that make sense? well it does to me, so im posting it

  2. Big nose or all, you’re so cute! I sense another entry in the “hot men of children’s literature” list… 😉

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that coming up with the phrases “Bubbly” and “Surge” required such a process…. I am very impressed. And your nose was grossly exaggerated. I’m off in my ground car to start calling people “Turnipheads”.

  4. This is why you blog is so great, Scott. We can all have a conversation about slang and how big your nose is and compliment your writing all at once. Yes, we are talented.

  5. Anytime you want to ruminate more about slanguage please feel free. I read the notes over at slushpile and they was really interesting. I love language but had never put that much thought into slang before.

  6. Wow i never realized how much work was put into ur slang scott*eyes wide* No wonder my stories never feel right, i’ll try ur techniuque and see if it works out better than mine,

    Oh ur nose definetly isnt THAT big, huh wonder why he did that??

    Ok this is somewat random but i saw it at the top of the article. u learned Braille??? thats so cool!!! now my fav author knows braille. i have a severe visual disorder so i have learned to read braille. YAY, ok random comment done.

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