The Last Days in Kirkus

The Last Days has its first review. And it’s starred!

This is actually my sixth starred review from the always supportive and never snarky Kirkus. I won’t post the whole review, because it has spoilers galore. But I will reveal this happy-making blurb:

“Suspense, touches of humor and eminently appealing characters.”

In honor of this fine review, I will now reveal the cover! (Side by side with the new paperback version of Peeps.)

As you can see, there’s more peep-eyes action going on. And the real 3-D version has excellent embossing on the eyes and lips. Shiny.

Can’t wait for my author’s copies. (Which are currently sitting in the warehouse, under embargo until the book gets into stores. Argh.)

The Last Days comes out September 7, as does the new paperback Peeps.

Pre-order TLD now from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. (Powells doesn’t have it yet. Hmm.) You can also pre-order the paperback of Peeps!

46 thoughts on “The Last Days in Kirkus

  1. 1st to comment. Too cool. The cover looks so cool. Can’t wait to buy it. September 7th is when school comes in session, for me. YES. Hell then Heaven when i go down to Borders. Thank You. Thank You. Kudos. Dylan

  2. oh, i love it i love it!! i am so very excited to have the last days, i’m going to pre-order it in the next few days. yay!!!

  3. The cover for TLD is Hella awesome. I love how her cornieas are lit up, it’s creepy and oh so fabulous. Hey, any chance to win a signed copy from the favorite author? You’ve done that before you know….

    I can’t wait to read it, Scott!


  4. I’m still waiting for my Peeps book to get here. : (
    The longer it takes, the more I think I die a little inside.
    Gah, the suspense.

    Nice covers.
    The eyes are cool.

  5. im so excited!!! i absolutely loved peeps, it was so fricken awesome!! the cover is sweet, but thats not the same cover that i have for my copy of peeps, mine is just a big ol’ eye… hmmm. the cover looks uber creepy but still oh-so sexy. sweeeeet.

  6. YAY! I love the cover! The library had to make a list for holds last month for TLD just for me! They dislike me… oh well.

    P.S. I’m new here, so no one go crazy or anything..

  7. The day after school starts…perfect. The second day, when they actually get serious about what we’re up to, I’ll be totally distracted. Excellent. Should set me up for a great year, full to the brim with AP classes and depressingly short on new Scott Westerfeld novels.

    But at least I’ll have something exciting to look forward to, come September. Great cover, I love it.

  8. I have one thing to say. Yay. And there’s more. I can’t wait! I believe I should pre-order it since it takes like six months for the stores to get your books in. Blergle.

  9. Question: Does TLD have the alternating plot/factoid chapters? ‘Cause that was awesome in Peeps. You have no idea how many times I was able to bring parasites into casual conversation after I read that book.

  10. i did the same thing, my friend freaked when i told her about the snail dude. hehe, it was funny…

  11. I can’t wait. I have a hunch that my second Saturday after school starts will be spent reading it…

  12. Ahhhh! September 7th?!?! but i want it now…lol Anyway can’t wait and i think that’s the day i go back to school. What a bummer at least i’ll have something to look forward to that day…Thanks Scott.

  13. I just pre-ordered my copy from Amazon! *dances excitedly* But…you know, I could always cancel that if you decided you wanted to give away some freebies…*is begging*


  14. Awww, I like school. 😛 No, really. But it does cause a problem for me too, because I don’t know what my address is until I get there on August 22, and since Scott’s books sometimes come out early, I want to pre-order it now so that I can get it ASAP. But do I send it to my house and then risk not being here when it arrives or do I send it to school without a PO box and risk them losing it or taking FOREVER to give it to me. And what if I send it to school but it comes out early and so I’m still at home when it arrives? AAARRRGGHHH!!!

  15. People would always read over my shoulder at the parasite chapters and freak out when they were supposed to be silently reading.

  16. YAY! I am happy i have been waiting for peeps to come out on the paper back one so i can get that one insted. i cant gget the last days one untill i read peeps lol. yay.

  17. whoa! a 3-D cover, thats awsome-riffic!
    september is going to be a long time, but it will be worth the wait! :]

  18. Okay I will be the one person to probably say this but I actually don’t like the cover that much. First its really sucks when covers have characters in it. It takes away from the image you see in your head. I feel it also does not fit well because it seems to have nothing to so with vampires. Okay the eyes but thats it. It looks almost like a weird romance novel. The girl could have had pointed teeth or something. What happened to the idea with the band on the front? That seems like it would have fit better cause I have read that it will be about a band. Overall its a interesting cover but I feel it does not fit.

  19. I sorta agree with Clairo, it is about a band so whatever happened to that? Oh well, it’s the cover of the book so it’s not changing, right?

  20. The cover makes me think of Cal and Lace, but it could definitely be some of the band members too. I think it connects well with the first cover–obviously the two are related, which probably helps with marketing it, or whatever. And it doesn’t leave the hardback cover in the dust either. As for messing with my view of the characters, I never form a concrete view of their physical looks anyway, so I guess it doesn’t affect how I think of them. In other words, I still think it’s pretty cool. 😀

    By the way, I got one of my friends to read the Uglies trilogy and now she’s gone out and gotten Midnighters!

  21. Can you tell us why they changed the cover? I loved the one with the crazy lady and the guitar pick!

  22. loved the cover cant wait to by it. I need something to distract me while I’m at that evil place called school. I’m a junior this year.

  23. Great Interveiw. I laughed a lot, and I can’t wait ’til TLD.
    I’m scared of high school. I’ll be a freshmen.

  24. OH OH! I was just re-reading Peeps and I HAVE A THEORY! It’s probably completely wrong but here it is: In Peeps, Cal and Dr. Rat keep mentioning bands, two specifically, Deathmatch and Kill Fee. THE LAST DAYS IS ABOUT A BAND!!!!!!! Coincidence or am I brilliant? Only time (or possibly Scott) will tell!

    I feel clever.


  25. Scott, does Carl Zimmer know about Peeps? He sounds like a really great guy, and I imagine he would be dead chuffed to have his book be an inspiration for a novel (no, 2 actually!). Have you ever talked to him?

  26. Today I saw an ant climbing up a stalk of grass. I thought to myself, “Oh how marvelous it would be if it had a parasite and just sat at the top!” But then it just ran back down again. I guess it had no parasites. It was just confused. But it reminded me of Peeps and how anxiously I await the next installment :D.

  27. REALLY?!!!

    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy there is going to be a sequal!!! i just read peeps (in like 2 days) and it was so good! i didnt know there would be a second one.


  28. OMG, that is a uber-awsome cover. Not as good as the Peeps hardback, but still…I’d so totally buy that if I wasn’t going to already.

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