Last Days News

First thing: According to G. Jules, The Last Days (sequel to Peeps) has appeared in the wild (Indiana, specifically)! So presumably it’s leaking onto bookstore shelves everywhere. Go and buy it!

Has anyone spotted the paperback new version of Peeps?

For those of you who haven’t been following my appearances page, I have a couple of gigs coming up in NYC.

NYRSF Reading Series
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
7PM (doors open at 6:30PM)
Justine and me
Melville Gallery
213 Water Street
New York, NY

This will be a full-on reading, like 20 minutes each. So come along if you want to hear our dulcet tones.

Books of Wonder
Thursday, October 5, 2006, 5PM-7PM
Susan Cooper, Ellen Kushner, Gail Carson Levine,
Celia Rees, Delia Sherman and me
18 W. 18th St
New York, NY

This will be more of a signing, with only some hellos and a Q&A session, as there are so many of us.

Next month Justine, Maureen Johnson and I will be doing a panel for the Brooklyn Writers’ Festival. Watch this space for details.

Please send in any more sightings of The Last Days!

And finally for your viewing pleasure: Six Horrifying Parasites.

19 thoughts on “Last Days News

  1. the parasites freakin’ rock! you soooooo need to come do a signing in colorado, i would love you forever (i already do but whatever) (not like im a stalker or anything…) (or am i?)
    just kidding, im not a stalker, i swear.

  2. Just read So Yesterday. Enjoyed it. Looked at your site and am going to track down the Uglies trilogy. Nice square-ish size, and the price tag’s nice too.

  3. Washington has The Last Days!! I bought it today! I was dancing in the bookstore (the crazy Borders staff told me to buy it and leave or get severe punishment). Peeps was there, too. They were pretty on the neat shelving next to Midnighters and Uglies and all.

  4. There’s this guy that works in the Borders near me. He always catches me dancing…. hahahaha. Just kidding. I don’t dance in Borders. But I do sing… he catches me singing. Yeah… awkward. Especially when you’re singing something that’s not on in the store.

  5. My dad sang in Borders once… it was Ray Charles. It was awkward, but not as much as being threatened by booksellers for dancing.

  6. Yeah. I don’t get threatened- but when I turn around he’s kinda just… there. Like I said before, quite awkward. In the end we sorta just laugh a bit and go our own ways. But the store’s really not that big, so it could happen several times an outing. And usually does.

  7. I have a friend who just started Specials–I am so jelous, she owns the entire Trilogy! I want to own them all too! I own Peeps, The Last Days and So Yesterday. Sadly, nothing else.

    I danced in a bookstore once but never SANG! And when I bought The Last Days the shelves were pretty picked over–I got the last one! Jee, Scott, seems like you’ve got a lot of fans!

  8. Topaz, which friend owns the trilogy? I sure don’t — only Pretties for me. The only complete sets (so far) of books that I own are The Land Of Elyon, Hawksong/Snakecharm/Falcondance, and Inkheart/Inkspell. Oh, and TLD and Peeps. But no one really cares… so I’ll stop now before I list every book I own…

  9. Hey, I got The last days from a friend, the book was great! Then I just got Peeps last week, I like what I’ve read so far!!
    Keep up the great work!!

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